Lightsworn Guardragon

Deck Information
Deck Type: Meta Decks
Deck Master: Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
Submission Date: March 27th 2019
Last Updated: March 29th 2019
Author: Thestephano Turtle
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This is a Competitive build of Lightsworns in my opinion this is one of the best ways to play this deck. it allows for quite a few power plays and combos. also has a bit of a soft lock

Toggle Deck List
MonsterRaiden, Hand of the Lightsworn x1
Wulf, Lightsworn Beast x3
Felis, Lightsworn Archer x3
Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner x1
Lumina, Twilightsworn Shaman x1
Minerva, Lightsworn Maiden x1
Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon x1
Amorphage Goliath x1
Arkbrave Dragon x1
Destrudo the Lost Dragon's Frisson x3
Black Dragon Collapserpent x3
White Dragon Wyverburster x1
Glow-Up Bulb x1
Predaplant Darlingtonia Cobra x1
Predaplant Ophrys Scorpio x3
Lonefire Blossom x3
Defrag Dragon x1
Gem-Knight Garnet x1
SpellsCharge of the Light Brigade x3
Solar Recharge x3
Brilliant Fusion x1
TrapsBreakthrough Skill x3
ExtraGem-Knight Seraphinite x1
Michael, the Arch-Lightsworn x1
Hi-Speedroid Chanbara x1
Number 95: Galaxy-Eyes Dark Matter Dragon x1
Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon x1
Minerva, the Exalted Lightsworn x1
Borrelsword Dragon x1
Saryuja Skull Dread x2
Curious, the Lightsworn Dominion x1
Guardragon Agarpain x1
Guardragon Elpy x1
Guardragon Pisty x1
Summon Sorceress x1
Reprodocus x1
SideAsh Blossom & Joyous Spring x3
Droll & Lock Bird x3
Twin Twisters x2
Hey, Trunade! x3
Called by the Grave x3
Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon x1
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