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  • wolfie (32 minutes ago): ngl this deck is kinda all over the place, here some advice, you do not need to take it as its a personal opinion, if your running mayakashi ED monsters, you need some main deck ones, at the very least the search spell, Mayakashi Return and the two neccesary main deck monsters Dakki, the Graceful Mayakashi and Hajun, the Winged Mayakashi asw as at least one copy of each synchro, remove all the Xyz, the avendread link, psy framegear omega, and the shiranui ed cards for mayakashi synchros, run harpies duster in side and run 2-3 ash, 3 gosr, atl 2 imperm, and throw in 2 forbidden droplets, twin twister is a side deck card, ditch immortal ruler, and grimson vampire, run 2 crackdown and a lost wind, i hope this helps, i love zombies and im glad to help anyone who wants to get into them, i dont mean to be harsh, this deck just kind of looks thrown together, please do not take it personally
  • Verak (13 hours ago): Welp, Halq got banned, so a little sad about that for this deck. Any suggestions on a replacement for it?
  • Vankar (14 hours ago): I think this is my favorite synchro deck, along with Speedroids. Recently I've been looking at some Gusto builds, and this one looks really good. Hope you keep updating it!
  • pquw (17 hours ago): It's a 60 card deck. I'll put the rest up the next time I look at the deck.
  • lugiaofantartica (18 hours ago): Banned card alert
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