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  • yataboi (3 hours ago): (raider's knight doesn't work here disregard)
  • yataboi (3 hours ago): Shoot, there's also value in running something like Immortal Dragon to send Necroworld Banshee to activate Zombie World which is fairly disruptive to tearlaments' strategies as it'll turn off summons of Curious, the Lightsworn Dominion, Tearlaments Kitkallos, Toadally Awesome, and Tearlaments Kaleido-Heart. I'd most readily suggest looking through past Adam lists as well as Virtual World lists as they're both readily able to use the synchro 6 pool. Similarly, check out the rank 4 pool as it's incredibly deep with options: Number 60: Dugares the Timeless, Raider's Knight into Arc Rebellion Xyz Dragon as an OTK line, Evilswarm Exciton Knight, Number 41: Bagooska the Terribly Tired Tapir, Tornado Dragon Number 101: Silent Honor ARK, Gagaga Cowboy,  and so on.
  • yataboi (3 hours ago): Realizing as well i'd already cut the Wonder Magician from the list i published here because of how low-impact it generally was. Another thing you could do is invest in Garura, Wings of Resonant Life as a Super Polymerization and/or Ultimate Slayer target to facilitate more of a boardbreaker side deck, and along those same lines looking at Mudragon of the Swamp and Predaplant Dragostapelia for Super Poly and/or Elder Entity N'tss, Wind Pegasus @Ignister, Toadally Awesome, and Evil★Twin's Trouble Sunny for Ultimate Slayer. Sauravis, the Ancient and Ascended is a cute but questionable brick to run for sending Herald off Slayer and Evil★Twins Ki-sikil & Lil-la is a less-questionable brick to run in tandem with Trouble Sunny. Definitely just a matter again of what you're most expecting to run against. 
  • yataboi (3 hours ago): Verak Halq wasn't ever the crux of this strategy honestly! It was a neat way of backing up the scythe lock in the event you run into handtrap-heavy strategies, or as a way of getting a cheeky s/t pop with Wonder Magician or even a draw via Formula Synchron (which is where i was about to pivot). Mostly it just allowed you to easily search one of Researcher or Seeker and more readily get Cartoryhn to hit the board. I've looked at Adamancipator Risen - Leonite, Coral Dragon, Stardust Charge Warrior, Abyss Dweller, Mekk-Knight Crusadia Avramax, and Borreload Savage Dragon as cards to replace Halq and Wonder Magician: Leonite essentially gives you access to another adam tuner (or Signs) but understandably is much worse than Raptite for that; Coral and Stardust both give you ways of drawing deeper; Dweller is readily accessible but felt redundant with Herald on the end board but will absolutely massacre a Tear 0 format; Avramax is a great way of utilizing I:P and Elf and functions as an out to towers strats; and Savage is Savage, y'know? an omni and very large monster that has to be answered. Gotta see where the meta goes before deciding what options are correct there, but i anticipate needing explicit building against Tear and Mine-centered strategies as it stands.
  • wolfie (7 hours ago): ngl this deck is kinda all over the place, here some advice, you do not need to take it as its a personal opinion, if your running mayakashi ED monsters, you need some main deck ones, at the very least the search spell, Mayakashi Return and the two neccesary main deck monsters Dakki, the Graceful Mayakashi and Hajun, the Winged Mayakashi asw as at least one copy of each synchro, remove all the Xyz, the avendread link, psy framegear omega, and the shiranui ed cards for mayakashi synchros, run harpies duster in side and run 2-3 ash, 3 gosr, atl 2 imperm, and throw in 2 forbidden droplets, twin twister is a side deck card, ditch immortal ruler, and grimson vampire, run 2 crackdown and a lost wind, i hope this helps, i love zombies and im glad to help anyone who wants to get into them, i dont mean to be harsh, this deck just kind of looks thrown together, please do not take it personally
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