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Card Advantage Part One: Basics

wifispiders    July 21st 2017

Card advantage has long been a defining concept of Yu-Gi-Oh theory, and for good reason. Careful management of your card economy will decide the outcome of a duel more often than not, and decks that can reliably generate more advantage than other contenders will rise to the top of the metagame pile (Zoodiac, for a glaring example).

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Booster Set Breakdown – Metal Raiders

meepmoto27    July 15th 2017

Booster set breakdown of the Legendary (not to mention popular) Metal Raiders set.

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History of the Meta – Part 6: Warrior Toolbox

meepmoto27    July 8th 2017

A history of meta decks , this time around discussing the successor to the Zombie decks, the Warrior Toolbox.

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Dinos: What you should know

kensir096    July 2nd 2017

Denglong is scarier than you think. Hand Traps hates Chaofeng. Multiple True Kings is sad but isn’t exactly bad. Souleating Oviraptor should switch places with Element HERO Stratos. Find out why, now in our What You Should Know article series, where we reveal the implicit details of decks. This time – Dinos.

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Phantasm Spiral: Your Options when Playing with Pacifis

MonoBlueTron    June 22nd 2017

Phantasm Spiral, the budget-conscious normal-monster-focused archetype from Maximum Crisis, has finally begun to put up results. Join me as we explore several different builds of this flexible archetype, examine successful lists, and explain how to board against this up-and-coming strategy.

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Booster Set Breakdown – Legend of Blue-Eyes White Dragon

meepmoto27    June 16th 2017

Throughout the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG’s 15 year history, there have been numerous iconic monsters and cards.  However, even to this day the most iconic card in the game’s history, especially to the general public, remains the Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

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Character Spotlight: Yusei Fudo

kensir096    June 13th 2017

Skillful and calm are few words to describe Yu-Gi-Oh 5D’s anime protoganist, and my personal favourite character – Fudo Yusei. him. In today’s Character Spotlight, we will be looking at his brief history and character analysis.

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The Complete History of the TCG Formats – Part 4

meepmoto27    June 10th 2017

Part 4 of a complete history of the TCG Meta in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game.

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Considering Goat Format Techs 1 – The Will of a Mystic Gorilla

wifispiders    June 9th 2017

“Goats,” the fan name for the format that occurred between April and August of the year 2005, has become a popular alternative for players disillusioned with either the pace or balance of modern Yu-Gi-Oh. The format is much slower, with games usually taking more than ten turns, and has the reputation of being more skillful.

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Alternate Formats – The Wonders of Cube

UnafraidStephen    June 6th 2017

Learn about one of the most exciting alternate ways to play the game – Cube Draft!

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