YGOPRODeck Companion App

YGOPRODeck Companion App!

Track Master Duel deck statistics, upload your decks directly to YGOPRODeck and more!

Utilize the YGOPRODeck Companion App to gain in-depth statistics on your Master Duel decks, interaction with the YGOPRODeck website and more! We have many plans for future improvements:

  • YDK/YDKE Support
  • YGOPRODeck Premium Support
  • Further statistics from the Companion App

And more!

Download YGOPRODeck Companion App

Every companion app user who links their YGOPRODeck account will unlock an exclusive achievement for their profile!

Load all your Master Duel decks instantly into the Companion App
Track your decks win/loss statistics and overall win %
In-game overlay of your deck along with remaining cards in deck and % to pull
View card information tooltips on the in-game overlay via the YGOPRODeck API
View your Master Duel statistics directly on YGOPRODeck
Upload your decks directly to YGOPRODeck*

* Via YGOPRODeck API Key found on your profile.

Known Issues
You may get an antivirus and Windows trusted application warning on first run of the application.
The application may occasionally crash.
Your decks may not correctly load immediately after a Master Duel update. Re-open the Master Duel application and attempt re-import.

Our dedicated Discord Bug report channel can be found here.

Download YGOPRODeck Companion App