Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Database

Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Database

Release version: 1.8


Card Database Collection:

This collection shows every card in the database for YGOPRODeck. You can filter the list either by inputting a name (which shows every card that has the inputted name in the card title or card description) and you can also use the filters below the name (card type, level, attribute, etc).

Hover over a card image to get detailed card information. You can also hover over card names on the site for the same results: Kuriboh

If every filter is at the default value (or the reset filters button is pressed) then the database will display random cards to the user.

The following information is shown under each card:

  • : Amount of times a card as been searched in the database or hovered over using tooltips.
  • : Amount of upvotes a card has received. You can click this in the viewer to vote (once per card).
  • : Amount of downvotes a card has received. You can click this in the viewer to vote (once per card).

Changelog 1.8:

  1. Added "Format" filter to the database. You can now search a specific pool of cards depending on which format is selected.
  2. TCG ban list added to card tooltips. You can now see if a card is semi-limited, limited or banned on the card tooltip.
  3. All filters should now work correctly together.

Changelog 1.7:

  1. Query string added to the Card Database. You can now use URLs such as ygoprodeck.com/card-database/?card=Kuriboh to get results.
  2. Fixed a long standing issue where you couldn't search for a card name and use the filters a the same time.

Changelog 1.6:

  1. Fixed a bug where "Effect Monster" and "XYZ Monster" wouldn't work with any other filters.

Changelog 1.5:

  1. Card Tips Now Appear Under Main Card Search Results (search bar at top of this page and on homepage).
  2. "Card Tips" button can be selected to collapse/expand the tip area.

Changelog 1.4:

  1. Added TCG Ban List Filter (OCG Coming Soon).
  2. Implemented Upvotes, Downvotes and Times Searched and Newest into "Sort By" filter.
  3. Cards now randomized when no filters are applied.

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