Invoked Thunder Dragon

Deck Information
Deck Type: Meta Decks
Deck Master: Aleister the Invoker
Submission Date: December 29th 2018
Author: FlamingWing
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This Deck focus on locking your opponent down with multiple distruptions there are many combos in this deck so u have multiple plays

Regular Play - for this u just need a Aleister, Gold Sarc (or Allure banish a Dragonroar or Dark) and any extender so for example lets say Ascended of Thunder -Normal Aleister search Invocation

-Activate Gold Sarc banish Dragonroar or Dark so lets just do it with dragonroar then special summon dragondark from deck

-Special Ascended of Thunder by paying 3k then link ascended and dragondark into madness dragondark search dragonhawk then you link aleister and madness into phantom knight rusty bardiche then get 2 fog blades then use dragonhawk effect bring back a thunder monster make Colossus then invcation with a light monsters make Mechaba so this in total is 4 distruptions

Ultimate Play -for this u need a predaplant scropio, aleister the invoker and souleating oviraptor (lonefire can replace the predaplant scropio)

-First normal predaplant discard a monster no souleating or aleister but if u can get another aleister then discard aleister search brilliant fusion

-Activate Brilliant Fusion make seraphinite with performage trick clown and garnet and now u have 4 monsters, then normal aleister search invocation use the 2 predaplants with the trick clown and seraphinite and make saryuja so u draw 4 u now have 7 cards in hand so u get a plus 1 put any ded cards or cards u dont need back in deck and that 1 card doenst matter but if u drew a thunder extender like roar or dark u can make this more epic but anyways use saryuja effect special souleating and use its effect send overtex and search double evolution pill use saryuja and the souleating make space insulator use space insulator and aleister make the phantom knight link and get 2 fog blade use double evoultion get ultimate conductor, use invocation make mechaba and now u have 4 distruptions again but if i drew a thunder extender with saryuja (usually 90% u will draw a thunder extender) u can make colossus with this and have 5 distruptions or negates and these are the super combos usually if u brick usually max u get a invoked mechaba pass or colossus pass so u have back-up plans

And if u go second turn then all u need is these 3 cards or 2 the other card is if u want an otk

-for this u will need Destrudo of the Lost Frission, Aleister the Invoker and any light monsters (also do note magical meltdown or souleating also works and Gold Sarc also works or Trick Clown or Garnet i will just do the most common play)

-so first normal Aleister search invocation use destrudo on aleister paying half ur life summon destrudo then synchro into yazi the evil of the yang zing destroy yazi and a card ur opponent controls with yazi's own effect then when yazi is destroyed u can summon mare mare summon 3 tokens use 2 not the mare mare for space insultor use the other 1 for linkuriboh then use all of them for borrelsword use invocation make mechaba and not u have 8500 damage on board with a negate if u have thunder extenders u also will have a colossus

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I make decks that i mix with invoked that some people didnt know was possible

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