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Fifth Dimension Dragon Archetype By Issei~Kyuun98 - 2 weeks ago 311I've always wanted to create a deck for the ARC-V series for the summoning method they've neglected... Ritual Summoning. Thus, I believe I've created just the deck to represent that anti-hero2 weeks ago1
Thunder Family Extra Deck Idea By shadowring - 4 weeks ago 353Tryed to create extra deck monsters for the archetype that not only support the archetype itself, but also floodgate your opponent, while includes some older floodgates in the archetype. These mons4 weeks ago1
Warcraft III EDOpro Theme By juvenile - 1 year ago 2283 link nod found!?   4 weeks ago2
Time Thief Support Brainstorm By ChupiTrooper - 1 month ago 412Pretty good documentation. Thanks for sharing <a href="">1v1 battle</a>1 month ago2
Battlin' Boxer SupportB By Samm99663 - 11 months ago 3442Battlin' Boxer Swarmer Link - 2 FIRE Warrior/Link/Effect 2 FIRE Warrior monsters While this card points to an Xyz monster, this card cannot be targeted for attacks or by card e1 month ago5
A little problem with a custom pack i had made... By nontinha - 2 months ago 376Hi there, Can you link me the name of the custom pack and I will look into it?2 months ago2
Custom Archetype: Fusion Equips (sorta) By dr73brs - 6 months ago 1844I like the idea. It can be kind of like noble knights. There are  a few warrior fusions that could use this mechanic if retrained or something.2 months ago2
You all gonna hate me for this - Custom True Draco support By Kcoby3198 - 5 months ago 1638True Draco Strike [Trap Card/Continous] If this card is sent from the Spell & Trap Zone to the GY: You can target 1 monster on the field; destroy it. You cannot activate t5 months ago1
Group Archetype By Samm99663 - 6 months ago 2307You know this has potential lemme think about some boss monsters and I'll get back to you5 months ago4
Its All I Ever Wanted By Ronnie Darkin876 - 7 months ago 1714This is the only support i want Lore accurate and actually fixed the problems the decks, but still interactive and balanced [url] months ago1