Don’t @Ignister Me: A Deck Guide

The A.I.ntro

The Ignister archetype has currently received support from Eternity Code and Lightning Overdrive. Adopting the full array of attributes available, Ignisters aim to repeatedly activate Ignister A.I. Land to swarm the board enough to summon most, if not all, of the Ignister boss monsters through every Extra Deck summoning method in existence. The ability to quickly alternate between summons has encouraged a common Hyper Combo playstyle of the deck, especially with the newer support.

In fact, this deck is slowly making an appearance into the OCG Metagame! As such, it would be my pleasure to review the current developments of the latest Cyberse trends.

As a personal side note, this archetype represents Ai’s memories of himself and his fellow Ignis. I highly recommend you to watch Yu-Gi-Oh! Vrains!

A fresh A.I.dentity

This list can be taken as a basic representation of Ignister. Although the deck is able to adopt different winning conditions based on the builds, the most popular variant would be summoning Firewall Dragon Darkfluid (with 2 – 4 counters) while co-linked to Transcode Talker.

The Ignister crew adopts many different cards with excessive card texts, so educating oneself on the various card roles is key towards developing victories with (and against) the deck.

My Friends and A.I.

Ignister A.I.Land is the centerpiece to the entire deck. To facilitate this, the player should always have an Ignister monster in hand, ideally Pikari @Ignister, Achichi @Ignister or Formud Skipper. After summoning Dark Infant @Ignister, the player should plan which boss monsters to end on with the current hand. Several combos you can achieve within the turn are:

Example of the above combo

Most importantly, always remember to keep your MMZ empty until you are done with Ignister A.I.Land’s effect!

Aside from the multitude of play starters this deck owns, Ignisters can also extend plenty, like A.I.dle Reborn, Gatchiri @Ignster, and Hiyari. The Cyberse Toolbox exists too, such as Parallel Exceed and Scrypton.

Thankfully, Youtube and Twitter are loaded with various Ignister Combos and Tips, so please check them out! As this article is merely a general overview of the deck, I will link several helpful videos.

Combo Guide by Samuel Best
Combo Guide by SuperNix
Combos and Duels by Lithium2300

The A.I.nventory

As previously mentioned, due to the flexibility of options Ignisters wield, playstyles will differ greatly from limitations of the initial deckbuilding. So we are going to look at several interpretations of the deck, and their game plans.

Please note that going forward, all the lists will be in the OCG 2021/01 Format, as of this article the TCG has not yet received Lightning Overdrive.

Darkfluid and Denial

This variant will seek to summon Firewall Dragon Darkfluid with several counters, along with Wind Pegasus (in the GY) and Quantum Dragon for protection. Otherwise, the gameplan can easily divert into Heatsoul’s constant drawing, Firewall Dragon + Transcode, or a simple Accesscode + Transcode OTK.
The flexibility of this variant allows the deck to easily compete with other decks of differing natures over the course of a single tournament, making it a popular pick for Cyberse Duelists.

The Arrival has Arrived!

It would make no sense for an archetype to end on monsters from a rival’s archetype, right? Why is Ai summoning Playmaker’s ace monsters?! Therefore, this list here aims only to summon The Arrival Cyberse at full power.
The Arrival Cyberse can pack up to 6000 ATK worth while being completely unaffected by any other card effects, which is near impossible to deal with. The only way to remove this card is with Kaiju Monsters, a tech that is rare to find in the current meta.
Ending on a single The Arrival is usually safe and game-winning.

You can watch the whole combo in this video.

Accesscode OTK

Compared to the Code Talkers, Ignisters have more burst potential, and are able to play through several popular interruptions. This variant completely mimics the Code Talker playstyle by ending on Heatsoul, or OTK-ing with Accesscode + Transcode. The advantage to using an Ignister Engine is the pure flexibility to put out other threats like Wind Pegasus, or a weaker The Arrival (normally with 3000 ATK).
It is also not uncommon to see a mixture of Code Talkers with Ignisters as well, adopting additional defenses like Cynet Conflict.

As a Cyberse deck, this archetype can easily adopt plenty of support gifted to the deck’s tribe. Your Ignisters are only limited by your eventual game plan and deck construction, so more thought should be put into considering the composition.

Deny the A.I.!

As a Hyper Combo deck, Ignisters are naturally susceptible to several popular Handtraps like Ash Blossom, Nibiru the Primal Being and even Droll & Lock Bird. In fact, you should always aim to disrupt the activation of Ignister The key to stopping Ignister is the timing of your negations, as they can easily recover into summoning Decode Talker Heatsoul or Accesscode after an early Nibiru. Necrovalley is the deck’s greatest weakness, as it denies Wind Pegasus in the GY from removing potential threats.

A.I. Thought and Concluded

Many decks have often tried to incorporate multiple summoning methods across one turn. But I feel that Ignisters have finally reached a level of consistency enough to perform such actions. Packed with several boss monsters, strong consistency and along with one of the best Final Duels of the anime (imo!), Ignisters will definitely resonate within the hearts of many as a strong contender.
Yes, just like When A.I. First Met You.


6 thoughts on “Don’t @Ignister Me: A Deck Guide

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    February 18, 2021 at 7:06 pm



    Every deck in the ocg be like: triple maxx c, triple Crossout and double called by the grave (:

    Also nice article

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    February 18, 2021 at 7:17 pm



    That isnt actually true. Not all lists contain all of those cards at their maximum ratios.

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    Love the article, @Ignisters are very powerful

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    tiple Maxx C scares me to death

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    six samurai vs maxx c, who’ll win?

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    no joke six sams can deck the opponent out under a maxx c. they can just loop kizan

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