Different Dimension Demons (D/D/D)

Deck Information
Deck Type: Meta Decks
Deck Master: Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon
Submission Date: April 3rd 2018
Last Updated: September 20th 2018
Author: Cryselle
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Rule #1: All "D/D/D" monsters count as "D/D" monsters, but "D/D" monsters do not count as "D/D/D" monsters. So "D/D/D Oracle King D'Arc" is both a D/D/D and D/D monster but "D/D Savant Kepler" is only a "D/D" monster and cannot be considered otherwise. (Likened to Square and Rectangle relationship)
Basic Fusion Combos:
 Swirl Slime + any "D/D" (<-- remember that all D/D/D monsters are also D/D) monster = Fusion Monster (if a fusion monster(s) lists D/D/D --> then you must fuse Swirl with a D/D/D --> if the fusion monster requires 2 D/D/D, then unfortunately you can't use Swirl Slime to bring it out).
Necro Slime combos with cards in the Graveyard to pull off fusion summons. So if you have both Swirl Slime and Necro Slime --> you can activate Swirl Slime =andFusion Summon 1 "D/D/D" monster that does not list "D/D/D" as a fusion requirement; and then you can do it again --> Just activate "Necro Slime" in the Graveyard --> another Fusion Summon of a "D/D/D" monster that does not list "D/D/D" in its summoning requirements.
Goal: Crystal Wing + either D/D/D Cursed King Siegfried or D/D/D High Flame King Genghis (Siegfried is preferable) = Soft lock
Go-To Combo: 
- Hand for Combo: D/D Swirl Slime, D/D Necro Slime, D/D/D King Abyss Ragnarok, D/D Lamia
(A Dark Contract with the Gate will help you correct your hand along with draw cards & Kepler <-- a secondary searcher that helps start searching by adding a Dark Contract to your hand).

1. --> You activate Swirl with Necro --> Bring out D/D/D Flame King Genghis

2. --> You Summon D/D Lamia normally, from your hand --> You Synchro Summon D/D/D Gust King Alexander (using D/D Lamia (level 1 tuner) + D/D/D Flame King Genghis (level 6 Fusion))

3. --> Activate "D/D Swirl Slime" GY effect which allows you to banish D/D Swirl Slime from the GY and Special Summon one card from your hand --> You Special Summon D/D/D Oblivion Abyss King Ragnarok which has the effect that when it is Summoned to the field you can Special Summon 1 "D/D" monster from the GY.

4. --> By Special Summoning "Oblivion King Abyss Ragnarok" through "Swirl Slime" <-- you trigger "Gust King Alexander" (which allows you to bring back one "D/D" monster from the Graveyard that is level 4 or less) --> So you bring back "D/D Lamia"

5. --> Now you have a field of "D/D/D Gust King Alexander" + "D/D/D Oblivion King Abyss Ragnarok" + "D/D Lami". Ragnarok has its effect triggered by being summoned--> which allows you to bring out "D/D/D Flame King Genghis" from the Graveyard.

--> Now you have a board of "D/D/D Gust King Alexander" + "D/D/D Oblivion King Abyss Ragnarok" + "D/D/D Flame King Genghis" + "D/D Lamia"

***By Special Summoning "D/D Lamia" you trigger the effect of "Flame King Genghis" (which allows you to special summon 1 D/D monster from the Graveyard) --> BUT, IGNORE THIS FOR NOW

*** Keep in mind, your board is now: "D/D Lamia" + "D/D/D Gust King Alexander" + "D/D/D Oblivion King Abyss Ragnarok" + "D/D/D Flame King Genghis"

6. --> You Synchro Summon using "D/D Lamia" and "D/D/D Gust King Alexander" for a Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon

7. --> Then, bring back "D/D Lamia" by using it's Graveyard effect (banish the "D/D/D Oblivion King Abyss Ragnarok" from the field as cost)

8. --> Board: "Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon" + "D/D/D Flame King Genghis" + "D/D Lamia"
"D/D Lamia" Special Summon triggers the effect of "D/D/D Flame King Genghis", which allows you to Special Summon a D/D monster from your GY; so you bring Back "D/D/D Gust King Alexander" and Synchro Summon "D/D/D Cursed King Siegfried" with the revived "D/D/D Gust King Alexander" + "D/D Lamia".

9. --> Activate "Necro Slime" in your GY; fusion "D/D Necro Slime" + "D/D/D Gust King Alexander" in your GY to bring out "D/D/D Flame High King Genghis"

End Board-->  "Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon" + "D/D/D Cursed King Siegfried" + "D/D/D Flame High King Genghis" (Siegfried and Genghis can each negate 1 Spell/Trap per turn and Crystal Wing negates one monster effect; this is one of the best soft locks possible from this deck)

--> 1 Monster Eff Negation + 2 Spell/Trap Negation + 8600 ATK

Deck List
MonsterD/D/D Oblivion King Abyss Ragnarok x3
D/D Savant Copernicus x3
D/D Savant Kepler x3
D/D Savant Thomas x1
D/D Savant Newton x2
D/D Swirl Slime x3
D/D Necro Slime x3
D/D Lamia x3
Droll & Lock Bird x3
SpellsAllure of Darkness x3
One for One x1
Soul Charge x1
Upstart Goblin x1
Foolish Burial x1
Monster Reborn x1
Dark Contract with the Gate x3
Dark Contract with the Swamp King x2
TrapsDark Contract with the Witch x1
D/D/D Human Resources x2
ExtraD/D/D Duo-Dawn King Kali Yuga x1
D/D/D Flame High King Genghis x2
D/D/D Flame King Genghis x2
D/D/D Oracle King d'Arc x2
D/D/D Wave Oblivion King Caesar Ragnarok x1
D/D/D Cursed King Siegfried x2
D/D/D Gust King Alexander x2
Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon x1
Number 38: Hope Harbinger Dragon Titanic Galaxy x1
Number 23: Lancelot, Dark Knight of the Underworld x1
SideNumber 68: Sanaphond the Sky Prison x1
Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring x3
Evenly Matched x3
Gameciel, the Sea Turtle Kaiju x3
Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit x2
Fiend Griefing x2
Raigeki x1
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Yu-Gi-Oh Profile: I started playing Yu-Gi-Oh in 2007 and left after about 6 years of casual play. I came back towards the end of 2015 (around when Nekroz was being played), and continued for about a year or two as a pretty casual player (using cards like Hammon, rarely going for a SS, carelessly wasting advantage - the whole 9 yards). In 2016-2017, however, I decided to pick up a competitive deck online (Zoodiacs) and I failed horribly. My experience with zoo led me to a whole variety of decks including Draco, D/D/D and several Pendulum based strategies, and since then I've made it my mission to understand the meta as well as to learn how to play it/play against it. Now I play on Dueling Nexus with an occasional appearance on Dueling Book Rated, so if you'd like to duel or chat - shoot me a message on discord (Cryselle#6969). - My favorite deck: D/D/D (MR3) - What I'm currently playing: Cyber Dragons Alas the 2018 meta is disappearing

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    September 20, 2018 at 12:51 am



    Just realized, this was a random side deck –> for a more proper (purely MR3) side deck:
    –> 3x Ash
    –> 3x Ghost Ogre
    –> 3x Gameciel
    –> 1x Raigeki
    –> 3x Ghost Reaper
    –> 1x Broadbull (xyz)
    –> 1x Toad (xyz)
    –> 3x Anti-Spell Fragarance

    For an MR4 side deck… well you wouldn’t be playing this deck in that format =)

    Also some changes were made to this deck since my last update –> so the current deck is now the updated MR3 D/D/D Deck Profile.

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    September 20, 2018 at 1:02 am



    Updated the side deck to be more relevant ^ that can be ignored

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