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2024-06-02 05:27:13
+ 1Agave Dragon+ 1Marauding Captain+ 1Ancient Warriors - Valiant Zhang De+ 1Missus Radiant+ 1Ancient Warriors Saga - Defense of Changban+ 1Ancient Warriors - Deceptive Jia Wen+ 1Fire Formation - Tensu+ 1Ancient Warriors Saga - Three Visits+ 1Raigeki+ 1Ancient Warriors - Eccentric Lu Jing+ 1Heroic Challenger - Morning Star+ 1Heroic Champion - Jarngreipr+ 1Igknight Paladin+ 1Igknight Squire+ 1Goblindbergh+ 1Ancient Warriors - Ingenious Zhuge Kong+ 1Reinforcement of the Army+ 1Ancient Warriors - Ambitious Cao De+ 1Ancient Warriors Saga - Borrowing of Arrows+ 1Needle Ceiling+ 1Drill Driver Vespenato+ 1Ancient Warriors - Masterful Sun Mou+ 1Ancient Warriors - Virtuous Liu Xuan+ 1Giant Trunade+ 1Fire Formation - Tensen+ 1Ancient Warriors Saga - Deception and Betrayal+ 1Heroic Envoy+ 1Heroic Champion - Gandiva+ 1Igknight Margrave+ 1Heroic Challenger - Spartan+ 1Blue Mountain Butterspy+ 1Colonel on C-String+ 1Pot of Greed+ 1Performapal Handsamuraiger+ 1Junk Forward+ 1Fire Formation - Tenki+ 1Ancient Warriors Saga - Sun-Liu Alliance+ 1Super Quantum Red Layer+ 1Ancient Warriors - Fearsome Zhang Yuan+ 1Number 39: Utopia Double+ 1Ancient Warriors Saga - East-by-South Winds+ 1Trap Dustshoot+ 1Number F0: Utopic Future+ 1Ancient Warriors Oath - Double Dragon Lords+ 1Fissure+ 1Pot of Avarice+ 1Igknight Cavalier+ 1Gaia Saber, the Lightning Shadow+ 1Heroic Challenger - Knuckle Sword+ 1Gem-Knight Pearl+ 1Alpha, the Master of Beasts+ 1Knightmare Cerberus+ 1Ancient Warriors - Loyal Guan Yun+ 1Ancient Warriors - Graceful Zhou Gong+ 1Ancient Warriors - Savage Don Ying+ 1Summoner's Art+ 1Ancient Warriors Saga - Chivalrous Path+ 1Ancient Warriors - Rebellious Lu Feng+ 1Monster Reborn+ 1Number 39: Utopia+ 1Powerful Rebirth+ 1Therion "Bull" Ain+ 1Last Will+ 1Number S39: Utopia Prime+ 1Night Beam+ 1Number 41: Bagooska the Terribly Tired Tapir+ 1Igknight Veteran+ 1Lunalight Crimson Fox+ 1Igknight Gallant+ 1Igknight Templar+ 1Smashing Ground+ 1Level Warrior+ 1Aussa the Earth Charmer, Immovable+ 1Achacha Archer+ 1Jar of Avarice

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