Yu-Gi-Oh! In-Depth KOG Deck Guide Magnets

With the right bits of interaction and straightforwardness, playing a Magnet deck can be extremely satisfying. Since Magnets have tons of support in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, you’ll be able to compete with the top meta relevant decks that come out. Specializing in graveyard effects and high attack beaters, look no further for a deck capable of achieving King Of Games.

Firstly, lets give credit to /u/NotProductive who has recently brought this deck to light. By posting this decklist publicly on Reddit, players are starting to experience the frightening power of Magnet Warriors. So without further ado, lets head straight into our In-Depth Deck Guide!

Magnet Warriors – KOG DECK
Monsters Gaia Plate The Earth Giant x1
Valkyrion the Magna Warrior x1
Delta The Magnet Warrior x3
Beta The Electromagnet Warrior x1
Gamma The Magnet Warrior x1
Beta The Magnet Warrior x3
Spells Enemy Controller x3
Parallel Twister x2
Traps Xing Zhen Hu x1
Powerful Rebirth x2
Floodgate Trap Hole x2


Image result for yami yugiFor a simple attack boost, a preferred skilled is ‘Straight To The Grave’. You can also try running skills like ‘Restart’ or ‘Destiny Draw’ but that depends on you. Magnet Warriors are versatile and can be improved with however you want to play it. That being said, our goal is to overwhelm the opponent with our ace cards until they gave in.

For that reason, I really like this deck. Not because I have a bias to whatever cards Yugi had used but because its actually incredibly fun. With how /u/NotProductive had said, its hilarious when your opponents forget about Gaia Plate The Earth Giant‘s second effect.

Anyway, like many decks, summoning a huge monster only does not seem ideal as a winning condition. But after playing Magnet Warriors, I started too think differently. I underestimated the Magnet Warriors and because of them, gave me free wins to opponents who did. As for obtaining King Of Games, its definitely a deck that has the means to achieve it. So without anymore chitter-chatter, lets get start with a card breakdown.

Card Explanations


Gaia Plate The Earth Giant

/u/NotProductive wasn’t joking when he said that people miss the second effect. Not only is Gaia incredibly easy to summon but its nearly impossible to beat over. Your opponent will need hard removal for this guy and they certainly aren’t getting over it with their monsters. For this deck, we remove Delta The Magnet Warrior as the ideal target because he won’t disrupt our Valkyrion summon.  Run one of these as running more could be quite bricky.

Valkyrion the Magna Warrior

Valkyrion The Magna Warrior is a card that should not be overlooked. Although, we run one copy of Valkyrion due to consistency reasons, he is still very much a threat. The first way you can summon Valkyrion is to either crash your Delta or to actually fulfill the summoning condition. Most of the time, you’ll be using Delta as a means to get to Valkyrion. In a magnet deck, Valkyrion fits perfectly as Delta can set you up to snowball into the next turn. Be aware that Valkyrion is vulnerable against back-row like Enemy Controller. But if left alone to rampage, your opponent will certainly tremble in the face of a 3500 ATK beater.

Delta The Magnet Warrior

Delta The Magnet Warrior is the engine of the deck. Just like Swap Frog in the TCG, you’ll have to make the conscious decision for what magnet to send to the grave. Once you throw whatever Magnet Warrior you desire, you’ll be able to set up plays for next turn. He synergizes so well with the rest of the cards in the deck. Gaia Plate can be summoned next turn if your Delta dies and if you have three Magnet Warriors, that means you can get to Valkyrion. Run three. He’s too good not to.

Beta The Electromagnet Warrior

Beta The Electromagnet Warrrior is a great card to combo with Delta. Once Delta sends Beta, you can use Powerful Rebirth to bring him back for his tributable effect. Whats good about Beta is that he is also coupled with a free search. This allows you to keep the engine going and the pressure on. Running 1 Beta The Electromagnet Warrior seems to be the norm as running more then one seems odd. His goal is to search and the summary of this is that he simply setups the board incredibly well.

Gamma The Magnet Warrior

A Vanilla. He’s not used too much aside from being a high-defensive monster with the field spell on. You’ll often find that Gamma is used as a resource for Gaia Plate or Valkyrion. Running one is fine to fulfill the condition of Valkyrion but Gamma is just ran because he needs to be. Hence, do not run more than one.

Beta The Magnet Warrior

Another Vanilla but better. Beta The Magnet Warrior is a high-attack monster which can be a nuisance to your opponent. By being able to simply beat over annoying monsters, Beta proves his usefulness as a Vanilla. Our goal is to get these guys in the grave for our future plays. Running three Betas makes it easier since we have a lot more resources to deal with. Not much else to say like Gamma but he is a magnet that can fulfill Valkyrion’s condition.


Parallel Twister

Like Brilliant Fusion in the TCG, continuous cards can linger uselessly. By having a card like Parallel Twister, we can easily turn that into our advantage. If a monster your opponent controls becomes too much of a hassle, we can pop it with Parallel Twister by sending Powerful Rebirth. Being able to choose any card on the field makes it versatile which is always great in a competitive deck. You never know who you are going to face and having a card that deals with back-row along with monsters can be a godsend. Running two in conjunction with Powerful Rebirth seems like a perfect amount.

Enemy Controller

Enemy Controller is a card that can adapt to many situations. It can save you from the threat of a Cyber Angel and also protect you from a monster attack. Sometimes, all you need is an Enemy Controller to tribute for game. Its just so adaptable and because of that, it has become a staple in many Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Decks. Run three because why the heck not!


Powerful Rebirth

Powerful Rebirth‘s goal is to summon a dead Magnet from our grave. Preferably Delta or Beta, it really helps set up plays for Valkyrion and Gaia. This is also a target for Parallel Twister which is great because not only were you able to revive a dead Magnet but also destroy an opponents card. Running two is a good amount because it isn’t a card that you’d want clogging up your hand.

Floodgate Trap Hole

One of the best cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. Just like in my other Yu-Gi-Oh! In-Depth Articles, I’ve stated that the sheer power of this card is too incredible to ignore. By trying to get out Gaia or Valkyrion, we’ve probably wasted many of our decks resources. If an opponent Floodgate Trap Hole’s at the right moment, you can seriously be crippled for the duel. For that reason, we run three because hopefully, we’ll be the ones doing the crippling.

Xing Zhen Hu

A double edged sword. Ever since I was hit with one of these, I’ve learned to set only chain-able back-row. Used with Parallel Twister but hitting two or one slots in your opponents board can be crucial. If your opponent manages to evade Xing Zhen Hu, you’ll be using one less back-row slot until you draw into Parallel Twister. We run one in the deck because it can be bricky and it is a card which you just want one of too.

Main Objective

The Main Objective of the Magnet Warrior deck is to overwhelm your opponents with high attack monsters. By either rushing them with Gaia or catching them off guard with Valkyrion, winning can happen in a blink of an eye. Fortunately, there is not much complexity that runs with the deck. The hardest decisions you make, will involve using Delta to pitch a monster to the graveyard. Sending the right Magnet can be key as well as using your Parallel Twisters correctly. You never want to waste your back-row on your opponents fodder so having lots of game knowledge can help.

For alot of the boss monsters, it can be really hard to stop. Part of the reason of why this deck sees so much success is because of Delta. Since he can special Valkyrion by suiciding or by dying, your opponent will need a response to a 3500 ATK monster that came out of nowhere. This means that more resources will need to be used to get rid of him which allows for your other monsters to run rampant. Gaia is also a card that should not be underestimated. Summoning Gaia is definitely troublesome for your opponent and if you manage to get Valkyrion out, your opponent will seriously need an answer fast.

You might find that Magnet Warriors can have a slow start. Pitching resources to the grave might be slow but that is the nature of the deck. Once your all set up, feel free to run over your opponent.

Image result for valkyrion the magna warrior

Final Thoughts

The deck is easy to play but requires a lot of game knowledge to couple it effectively. Knowing what to stop and what to hit with your back row will most likely be the sole winning factor in higher ranked games. If your opponent is smart, he’ll know too wait on his Floodgate Trap Hole until Gaia or Valkyrion is summoned. If you can’t recover from that, it might be game for you. So by knowing the risks and versatility of your cards, you can make your plays incredibly optimized. I’ve found that when playing this deck, summoning Gaia then crashing Delta can be game. Gaia has to be dealt with through card effect because his second effect is too strong. All in all, the deck is incredibly fun and I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a new deck.


Henry Ngan

Duel Links Content Writer.

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