Yu-Gi-Oh! In-Depth KOG Deck Guide Hazy Control

Image result for hazy flame mantikorIncredibly annoying due to having inherent card effect protection, Hazy Flame has been able to keep up with the times. By playing Hazy Flames, you’ll be happy to see how linear, the win conditions can be. But that doesn’t mean Hazy Flame is easy to play. Tune in for an in-depth guide of Hazy Flame where we go through each card, explaining its valuable uses along with a solid game plan.

First and foremost, credits to /u/FQSSIL as he introduced the deck to Reddit and reached King Of Games. He also has a youtube channel where he has several Deck Profiles you might be interested in watching yourself. So without further ado, let us begin!

Hazy Flame – KOG DECK
Monsters Dynatherium x2
Earth Armor Ninja x2
Hazy Flame Peryton x3
Hazy Flame Sphynx x3
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Coyote x2
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Raven x3
Hazy Flame Mantikor x1
Spells Fire Formation – Gyokkou x2
Mausoleum Of The Emperor x2

Main Objective

Our Main Objective is to utilize Hazy Flame’s annoying immunity where we slowly overwhelm our opponent by doing so. By constantly pumping out monsters which are immune to card effects, opponents will have to dedicate lots of resources to get rid of them. In my opinion, the greatest weakness of a Hazy Flame deck refers to the low attack points which can prove to be quite troublesome at times. For this reason, we take advantage of swarming the field which makes the skill “Beat down” perfect for our deck. Beat down is a skill which boosts our monsters attack by 300 attack for every level five or higher monster we control. Not only does it help set up our OTK but since it is a once per turn skill, it can help us get over troublesome monsters.

Hazy Flame decks are incredibly annoying. Hazy flame decks specialize in exhausting and wasting your opponents resources as well. We can take an example from the TCG, where True Draco’s run rampant due to how annoying dealing with card effect immunity’s can be(based on what they tribute). But from this example, we can see how annoying immunity’s to cards can be. Another great PRO of Hazy Flame, is how budget-friendly it can be to a new player starting to play Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links! Almost all cards are easy to obtain while some require patience from ‘the Card Trader’.

Our strategy can be as easy as simply beating down our opponent until they are down for the count. But in order for us to get our annoying Hazy Flame monsters on field, we should always strive to go second. By going second, we can use ‘Dynatherium‘ and ‘Earth Armor Ninja‘s’ effect to their truest potential. After that, our engine has started and it is up to your opponent to see how they’ll deal with our Hazy Flame monsters.



A great card which helps set up a tribute summon guaranteed. Our normal summon is incredibly important so even if our opponent revives a monster, we can easily take it down during the same turn. Keep in mind, Dynatherium has to revive a level four monster which either player might not even have. Using Dynatherium can be tricky but its risk and reward for getting a Hazy Flame monster out is too great to not utilize.

Earth Armor Ninja

EAN’s effect is just like Cyber Dragon. EAN helps set up our board by becoming a monster which is ready to be tributed. All in all, he helps set up our board with his simple-to-use effect.

Hazy Flame Peryton

One downside to Hazy Flame Peryton is how low and easily beaten over it can be. But despite its low attack points, Hazy Flame Peryton is used to fish out our other Hazy Flame monsters. By sending one fire monster from our hand to the graveyard along with tributing Hazy Flame Peryton, we can special summon two Sphynx’s from our deck! For this reason alone, we run three Peryton’s because of how strong its effect can be.

Hazy Flame Sphynx

With a little bit of luck involved, Hazy Flame Sphynx is a card which can help us pump hard-to-remove monsters onto our board. Note that, our deck contains sixteen monsters so declaring a monster becomes your best bet to using its effect. But aside from special summoning monsters, Hazy Flame Sphynx is a great card that is not only hard-to-remove but another core part of our deck’s engine.

Brotherhood of The Fire Fist – Coyote

Similar to ‘EAN’ and ‘Dynatherium’, Coyote’s purpose is to set up our board. He can also be used as discard material if you do not possess a ‘Fire Formation’ spell/trap, All in all, a great card which can be utilized by Peryton or another card which sets up a tribute.

Brother of The Fire First – Raven

Raven is a useful card to summon for his floater effect. Raven set ups our Hazy Flames along with Coyote hastening our engine and speeding up our deck. For this reason, we put Raven in our deck because of his deck-thinning capabilities and his beloved ability to set us up.

Hazy Flame Mantikor

Untargeted by card effects like our other Hazy Flame monsters, whats special about Mantikor is his attack. Not only does Mantikor boast 2200 attack, he also has an effect which makes him unable to be destroyed by card effects. Mantikor becomes a nuisance for your opponent and can help set up our win condition.


Fire Formation – Gyokkou

Sergeant Electro. By locking down your opponents backrow, you make your opponent very vulnerable. Gyokkou also buffs our Hazy Flame Sphynx along with Coyote and Raven. Making our low attack problem less problematic. In a game, try activating more than one as the attack boost can stack making our monsters more durable in battle.

Mausoleum of the Emperor

An instant Hazy Flame monster enabler. Our cards only require one tribute which means 1000 lp when used with Mausoleum of the Emperor. If our opponent cannot get rid of it, we’ll be doing whatever we can to abuse its powerful effect.


One thing I hate about Hazy Flame is how vulnerable they can be in battle. Level four monsters that have high attack can rid our Hazy Flame monsters if we are not careful enough. But if we swarm the field and time our momentum correctly, this usually isn’t a problem. Thing’s like the skill ‘Beatdown’ help so much when it comes to getting over high attack monsters. Another thing that hurts Hazy Flame is its vulnerability to powerful backrow cards. Although Hazy Flame monsters cannot be targeted, backrow like ‘Wall Of Disruption‘ don’t and still do its job regardless. Hence, Hazy Flame players need to be smart and able to lock down their opponent with Gyokkou before going with a safe win.

Stopping a Hazy Flame player by locking down special summons or tribute summons can really prove to be a pain in the ass for them. Hazy Flame takes time to get its engine roaring. Take advantage of this by stopping as much monster presence as possible and saving important backrow like ‘Wall Of Disruption’. Not all back-row is useless and you need to make sure you are using non-targetable cards as well.


Image result for hazy flame mantikorFinal Thoughts

Hazy Flame Beatdown is an incredibly fun and linear deck to play. It’s simple along with its game plan which really shows how powerful card immunity can be. The deck is all about creating hard-to-remove monsters and beating your opponent down with them. Even though its a linear deck, you shouldn’t underestimate the amount of knowledge the deck needs. Knowing when to gain immunity and what Hazy Flame monsters you rush out are choices that will end up becoming incredibly crucial. Using things like Dynatherium recklessly can also prove to be a quick loss. Make sure to always have a backup plan and to couple your plays with smart thinking.


Henry Ngan

Duel Links Content Writer.

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