Supreme Penguin Deck 2020

Deck Information
Deck Type: Fun/Casual Decks
Deck Master: Nopenguin
Submission Date: August 1st 2020
Author: kalebtillman
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This Deck is all about messing with your opponent. Step 1 is to get Nopenguin either on the field or in the Graveyard. He will be very important for later.

Then, if you draw an Aquarium Stage, you should totally activate it. Then set either Penguin Soldier or Nightmare Penguin face down. Their effects send cards from your opponent's field back to the hand. Except they don't, because the effect of Nopenguin will Special Summon itself from the GY, and then any effect that would cause a monster to return to the hand will banish it instead. Then, thanks to Aquarium Stage, your WATER attribute monsters won't be destroyed by battle.

If you're worried about some useless face-up penguins crowding up your field, don't worry. Book of Moon, Book of Eclipse or Ghostrick Doll can make sure they go back face down so you can use their effects again.

Once you've crippled your opponent's deck, you'll need to attack. That's why this deck had options. Tributing one monster will allow you to summon Great Emperor Penguin, which will allow you to Special Summon two other penguins. There are also plenty of Rank 3 and 4 Xyz monsters in the Extra Deck to use, though these can be swapped out with any you prefer. We just need something to attack with once we've banished all your opponent's important cards.

Royal Decree is also in this Deck, because most of the cards that would stop this strategy are Trap Cards, and we don't really need Trap Cards in this Deck anyway.

Toggle Deck List
MonsterThe Great Emperor Penguin x3
Nightmare Penguin x3
Nopenguin x3
Puny Penguin x2
Penguin Soldier x3
Spirit of the Fall Wind x1
Ghostrick Doll x2
SpellsTransmodify x3
Moray of Greed x3
Monster Reborn x1
Salvage x3
Aquarium Stage x3
Foolish Burial x1
Book of Eclipse x3
Book of Moon x1
Book of Taiyou x2
TrapsRoyal Decree x3
ExtraGrenosaurus x3
Leviair the Sea Dragon x3
Number 17: Leviathan Dragon x3
Number 47: Nightmare Shark x3
Number 39: Utopia x3
Id#created by ygopro2 x1
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