Pierre the Gambler-Dice (Gx)Deck

Deck Information
Deck Type: Anime Decks
Deck Master: Gatling Dragon
Submission Date: February 22nd 2019
Author: sam50
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Pierre the Gambler


Pierre the Gambler, known in Japan as Mitsuo ( Mitsuo) is Alexis Rhodes' childhood classmate and a world famous gambler, having mastered games from blackjack to poker.

In primary school, Pierre would play games of chance with other students, always having them bet their prized possessions. After losing a game of Duel Monsters to Alexis, he steals her red hankerchief, which had been bet on the Duel.

Years later, he arrives at Duel Academy where he asks Chancellor Sheppard and Vellian Crowler to let him duel Alexis. When they turned him down, he ended up taking out the Duel Academy security team that Chancellor Sheppard summoned until Alexis arrives agreeing to the duel. He finally duels with Alexis, but loses. In the end, it is revealed he actually has a crush on Alexis and returns the handkerchief to her. However, Alexis does not return these feelings and Pierre then leaves with Jaden Yuki trying to bid him farewell in the right way.


Toggle Deck List
MonsterAbare Ushioni x2
Barrel Dragon x2
Dice Jar x2
Gambler of Legend x2
Sand Gambler x2
Blowback Dragon x2
Jirai Gumo x2
Roulette Barrel x2
Sasuke Samurai x2
Sasuke Samurai 2 x2
Sasuke Samurai 3 x2
Sasuke Samurai 4 x2
Snipe Hunter x2
Time Wizard x2
Twin-Barrel Dragon x2
SpellsDangerous Machine Type-6 x2
Second Coin Toss x2
Graceful Dice x2
TrapsDice Re-Roll x2
Fairy Box x2
Ominous Fortunetelling x2
Tour of Doom x2
Skull Dice x2
ExtraGatling Dragon x2
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