Neo Crow Hogan

Deck Information
Deck Type: Non-Meta Decks
Deck Master: Black-Winged Dragon
Submission Date: February 21st 2020
Last Updated: February 21st 2021
Author: Fleety91
YGOPRODeck File Download

Blackwing Feathers, Crow Hogan's deck updated. Trying to bring the best out of his character deck whilst keeping it in the 5D's era so no Xyz, Pendulum or Link monsters.

let me know if you've got any ideas to improve it.

Toggle Deck List
MonsterBlackwing - Kogarashi the Wanderer x1
Blackwing - Elphin the Raven x1
Blackwing - Simoon the Poison Wind x1
Assault Blackwing - Kunai the Drizzle x1
Blackwing - Sirocco the Dawn x1
Blackwing - Gofu the Vague Shadow x1
Blackwing - Kris the Crack of Dawn x1
Blackwing - Shura the Blue Flame x1
Blackwing - Bora the Spear x1
Blackwing - Zephyros the Elite x1
Blackwing - Auster the South Wind x1
Blackwing - Decay the Ill Wind x1
Blackwing - Kalut the Moon Shadow x1
Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind x1
Blackwing - Breeze the Zephyr x1
Blackwing - Steam the Cloak x1
Blackwing - Ghibli the Searing Wind x1
Blackwing - Blizzard the Far North x1
Blackwing - Fane the Steel Chain x1
Blackwing - Vayu the Emblem of Honor x1
Blackwing - Oroshi the Squall x1
Blackwing - Jetstream the Blue Sky x1
SpellsBlack Whirlwind x2
Glowing Crossbow x1
Against the Wind x1
Allure of Darkness x1
Cards for Black Feathers x1
Monster Reborn x1
Pot of Greed x1
Raptor Wing Strike x1
Mystical Space Typhoon x1
TrapsBlackbird Close x1
Black Sonic x1
Blackback x1
Delta Crow - Anti Reverse x1
Icarus Attack x1
Mirror Force x1
Trap Stun x1
Urgent Tuning x1
ExtraAssault Blackwing - Onimaru the Divine Thunder x1
Blackwing Full Armor Master x1
Blackwing - Silverwind the Ascendant x1
Black-Winged Dragon x1
Assault Blackwing - Chidori the Rain Sprinkling x1
Assault Blackwing - Raikiri the Rain Shower x1
Blackwing Tamer - Obsidian Hawk Joe x1
Blackwing Armor Master x1
Blackwing - Nothung the Starlight x1
Blackwing Armed Wing x1
Blackwing - Gram the Shining Star x1
Assault Blackwing - Sohaya the Rain Storm x3
Assault Blackwing - Sayo the Rain Hider x1

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