Magicalfoes (via hangoutwithTim) V0.1

Deck Information
Deck Type: Meta
Deck Master: Metalfoes Mithrilium
Deck Version: 0.1
Latest Revision Date: 1st February 2017
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Magicalfoes Deck Structure

Credit to hangoutwithTim for Deck and Strategy submission.
The Extra Deck is balanced with staple XYZ monsters. Spell/trap removal is readily accessible, and although the trap count is considerably high, Metalfoes does tend to rely on it’s traps and quick plays, as well as pendulum swarming.

Potential Combos
Combo 1 Magical Hats can pull a Metalfoes Spell/Trap onto the field as a Normal Monster, giving you interesting FullMetalfoes Fusion quick-plays during their battle phase. With so many traps on the field, your opponent’s Twin Twisters and MST will have some turbulence to burn through. On top of that, it thins the deck, removing exactly what Metalfoes doesn’t want to draw, Fusion and Combination. When the Battle Phase ends, the leftover Spell/Traps are *destroyed*, triggering a previously Set Counter, summoning Volflame or Bismugear.
Combo 2 Mystic Box can be used to pick off one of their bigger monsters, while also giving them a Metalfoes monster in defense mode. This opens up a win condition for Orichalc, or at least some serious damage. You can also create some fun Mithrilium plays, since her defense is only 1000. Orichalc will leave a significant bruise, then your Mithrilium will be sent from the field to the graveyard, summoning yet another Metalfoes monster.


Deck List
Monsters Metalfoes Volflame x3
Metalfoes Goldriver x3
Metalfoes Silverd x3
Metalfoes Steelen x3
Raremetalfoes Bismugear x3
Majespecter Unicorn – Kirin x1
Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer x1
Rescue Rabbit x1
Archfiend Eccentrick x2
Spells Painful Decision x3
Instant Fusion x1
Raigeki x1
Mystic Box x1
Soul Charge x1
Mystical Space Typhoon x2
Book of Moon x1
Metalfoes Fusion x1
Fullmetalfoes Fusion x1
Traps Metalfoes Counter x2
Metalfoes Combination x1
Breakthrough Skill x1
Magical Hats x3
Solemn Warning x1
Extra Metalfoes Crimsonite x1
Metalfoes Orichalc x2
Metalfoes Mithrilium x3
Metalfoes Adamante x1
Fullmetalfoes Alkahest x1
Panzer Dragon x1
Elder Entity Norden x1
Number 11: Big Eye x1
Cairngorgon, Antiluminescent Knight x1
Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer x1
Abyss Dweller x1
Leviair the Sea Dragon x1
Side Book of Eclipse x3
Battle Fusion x2
Swords of Concealing Light x3
Ojama Trio x2
Quaking Mirror Force x3
Magic Cylinder x2



Deck Revisions

  • V0.1
    • TBA.

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