Intro to Metalfoes – Part 6.5: List-en Up

We interrupt the [Intro to Metalfoes] series to bring you a special article feature with regards to the recently released banlist. Majespecter Metalfoes’ ace card – Majespecter Unicorn – Kirin has just gotten limited, alongside Emergency Teleport. These two hits seem to be the only two concerning Metalfoes, but is just as deadly as Burning Abyss losing their Beatrice, the Eternal Lady.

On a related note, Part 5 and Part 6 of the series were composed and scheduled to be published before this new list came to light. So now that the new list has come into play, plenty of content seems outdated and redudant. Part 6.5, serves as means for me to address the current changes, and how some things might have to change for our part as players.

You are Kirin-ding me, right?

Jokes on me, after 6 articles focusing on Majespecter Metalfoes, with the intent of introducing this build to the TCG, and hoping that it will meet with the success it has enjoyed over here in the OCG, TCG Metalfoes players barely got to enjoy the exclusive board control Metalfoes can impose, and now they will never be able to. Now the effectiveness of my Part 5 Article seems to be downsized, and the deck’s initial general direction and strategy seems to be going haywire.

It is real sad to see Kirin leave behind its unlimited status, being limited to 1 now. Of course it is sad, since… well, we were all gonna use Kirin. Haters can’t be any happier though, unless they are so sadistic they want this unicorn to share a cell with Elemental Hero Stratos.

Nevertheless, even with only a single copy of Kirin, Metalfoes can still remain as a strong contender for the top tables. With innovation and slight modifications, they can prove to everyone that even without the help of arguably the best pendulum monster to date, you can still emerge victorious with the Fire Nation monsters.

Alternative Options

Players are quick to raise Magical Abductor as a searcher, seeing that running Majespecter Raccoon – Bunbuku seems redundant since you only have 1 significant target in your deck. I, on the other hand, feel otherwise. If I were to put myself in the shoes of a TCG player, I would still carry on with three copies of Raccoon in my deck. Yes, all for the sake to search out our lord and savior – Kirin, because I believe, that Kirin is just that good.

Of course, unlike previously, Bunbuku would unlikely be the focus of Kirin’s bounce effect, since there isn’t much value in attempting to recycle and reusing its effect now. But then again, Bunbuku would also no longer be a monster I summon to keep. I will probably end up searching another copy of itself with its own effect, in order to maintain hand advantage and allow me with more monsters to summon out the next turn. The ones on the field are likely to be used for an xyz summon.


Totem Bird is what I have in mind, and I might even play two copies of it in the Extra Deck, if I find myself able or maybe needing to, splash the Speedroid engine in. OCG has been doing it for months. It grants you access to the Rank3 toolbox, and in terms of board control, Totem Bird is arguably the best option. With the deck’s nexus currently limited, we have to start looking for options at board control. Totem Bird is the first step towards that.

As mentioned previously, Magical Abductor, in my personal subjective opinion, slows down the deck as it forces you to leave Abductor on the scale so you get to benefit off its counter gathering and search effect. This means you have to opt to destroy your monsters instead. Thus, personally, I am not a fan of the card. And I don’t think it is a adequate replacement for your three Raccoons.

If you have any thoughts of adding more Majespecter monsters to the deck, to fill the void that Kirin has left – Don’t. Nothing of the archetype is worth your while in a Metalfoes deck, I went down this road before. It is far better to admit that the Majespecter engine is crippled or dead, than struggle to keep it alive.l

If you are opting to either add more Majespecters or include Magical Abductor, I rather you give up on searching all together. Because ironically, it may seem that in a bid to increase consistency by providing the deck with searchers, you will harm consistency instead, as the deck would be slowed and distracted from going offensive.

Change of plans

Build changes, cards to be added…
Moving forward, I would suggest for Guiding Ariadne to be the new mascot of the deck, and the main focus of the deck shall switch to backrow control, with various counter traps lineup. This seems to be the next best option, seeing how Solemn Strike escapes the list unscathed. Pendulum Hole is also a very effective card to utilize in pendulum deck matchups. Having no cost makes it a more superior option than Solemn Strike, especially if you do not have Ariadne on scales to help you bypass the lifepoints cost. Cursed Seal of the Forbidden is also another card to take into account, since you are pardoned the discard cost when Ariadne stays on the scales. With an opposing Kirin a much less common sight, it looks like Unwavering Bonds can now be benched, or sided. The ‘Horn” trap cards are also choices for you to think about.

Unlike the previous Pepe deck, where destruction is managed by the likes of Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer and Performapal Pendulum Magician, you have your Metalfoes to do the job now. All twelve of them, in fact, given that they all share identical pendulum effects. Hence, I can confidently run double digits of counter traps and still enjoy the searches off Ariadne, being capable of adding at least half of them to my hand.

You will find yourself with plenty of opportunities to destroy Ariadne, but the main weakness of your new mascot is that it doesn’t exactly search – you let your opponent choose one out of the three available options. So unless you show three copies of the same counter trap, it is likely the fate of the ‘search’ result lies in your opponent’s hand.

Of course, do not forget my reminder about finding the balance between searching and offensive capabilities. No point stopping your opponent from making plays, when you yourself make none.


With Kirin at 1, perhaps there is now an increased need and ability (due to the Main Deck slots opened up) to move Wavering Eyes from the Side Deck to the Main Deck. Wavering Eyes, without cards like Guiding Ariadne or Performage Plushfire, may be unappealing since it incur a loss of minus one. But I believe its ability to search out any pendulum card makes it on par with Magical Abductor, and since it is a spell, and not a pendulum card that must be placed on the scales for me to abuse its effect, it has my vote

Foe The Win.

Metalbros, stay strong. There are substitute choices.
Another interesting addition you might consider if Level 5 and higher stun monsters, previously discussed and mentioned on Part 2 and Part 4 of the article series. These monsters are now better described as substitutes, rather than just techs and side options. You can even include the recently-limited The Monarch Stormforth to aid in the summon of these higher level monsters. One copy in a deck full of stun monsters requiring tributes wouldn’t hurt.

Amorphage Sloth seems worthy of consideration, which at this point I may also suggest other decent mentions such as Vanity’s Fiend and Jinzo, if you find the meta moving towards a more special-summon-spam or trap-heavy atmosphere. The latter choice would of course conflict with your Ariadne build. Mist Valley Apex Avian might make a stand, and seems to be the most attractive choice by players to replace the fallen spellcaster. as the Winged-Beast appears to be the next best alternative with its extensive coverage.
On a related note to the banlist, now that Thunder King Rai-Oh is at two copies, it might be an appropriate opportunity to try him out. In my Yosenjus, I had always admired its anti-meta capabilities. Having two effects packed into one card makes him an obstacle which your opponent can’t choose to ignore. Its summon-negation capabilities may be undermined by the new pendulum summon mechanic ruling, but it is still going strong.

When its effect slipped your opponent’s mind, they would have wasted a normal summon for searchers like Sage with Eyes of Blue, putting them in a disadvantageous position.
Emergency Teleport‘s limitation seems to be the least of our concern. I never supported the idea of this card being played at more than one anyway. The focus of Metalfoes might shift towards its fusion and synchros now, making this limited quick-play spell crucial in gathering the needed materials onto the field, right from the deck. Also, I feel like this is a blind dart thrown in the dark. Either that or it is just trying to follow in the footsteps of the OCG list.

We also talked about Neo-Spacian Grandmole previously, which has a “lets-bounce” effect on its own, emulating Kirin’s. but on a weaker scale. However, it doesn’t target, which is a bonus. Despite it also being limited to 1, I think it is worth a shot. So it may be time for it to rise up to the occasion. It is one of the few monsters available if players do not prefer higher leveled ones. Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo can also substitute Vanity’s Fiend, but the rock monster’s low stats have disappointed me before.


Metalfoes are far from dead. This isn’t even the final nail in the coffin hasn’t be struck yet. Decks get hit all the time. This is what to be expected in Yugioh. I just didn’t expect it to be that fast…. lol.

Remember what I said previously? To learn a deck, I believe that you have to learn the good, the bad, and even the present, past and future. Future being the alternative options you have at your disposal once your best options are eliminated. The time is now. So you might want to start searching and digging among your spare pile.
Now, Metalfoes feels like a pot of soup where I am starting to dump alternate ingredients in before deciding which is best. The deck may be directionless for now, but it has plenty of options available.

Blackwing – Gofu the Vague Shadow is still a card, so your synchro plays can continue. Kirin has never been a key component for fusion plays, so you can still go ahead and be a model Duel Academia student. My point is, Metalfoes still have options to lean on. So it ain’t the end of the world just yet.

For players that no longer find Metalfoes appealing to play with, without the ability to abuse three copies of Kirin, I suppose I can’t stop you from dropping the deck and jump on the bandwagon and join Blue-Eyes, after the iconic dragon won the World Championship.
Kirin’s outstanding ability is indeed unparalleled, but that doesn’t mean other monsters can’t come in and try to take the job – the role of controlling the board til the user wins the game.
Metalfoes will return stronger, when the newer support cards get released in TCG. Meanwhile, I will be on the lookout for better substitutes for Kirin and maybe even come up with a list for future installments of the article

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