Intro to Metalfoes – Part 4: The not-so-secret techs

Everything change when the FIRE attributes attacked


Vortex Trooper

Being WIND attribute and Level3 means it can help out with the summon of Totem Bird. Possible for it to pendulum summoned out but if you have no better normal summons to perform, go ahead and normal summon it to abuse its effect. You would appreciate its Reload-ish effect very much, especially when you draw into the very few Metalfoes spells and traps, that you would prefer staying in the deck, instead of being in hand.

Personally, I am a fan of its shuffle-and-draw effect.


Tyrant’s Throes

A card that you can abuse should you not be piloting the Majespector engine, or any effect monsters at all. A prime example being Vanilla Dracopals Metalfoes. (Sorry for the lack of a better name.) The tribute cost is mitigated by the fact that pendulum cards can be reused the next turn after entering the Extra Deck. Hence, it won’t be a definite -2 in card economics.
Being a trap leaves it vulnerable to S/T destruction but it is capable of shutting down many meta decks singlehandedly, thus worth a mention on the list.


Mist Valley Apex Avian

With the scales of 1 & 8, why not abuse Mist Valley Apex Avian‘s Level7 status? If we are talking about stun monsters, I don’t think anything can match up to this Winged-Beast negation capabilities. Apex Avian is an amazing gift for pendulum decks. As long as you retain your scales, you can summon him out again and again, and the negation effect he provides has such extensive coverage – Monsters, Spells and Traps. Who needs Cyber Dragon Infinity and Shooting Quasar Dragon?


Guiding Ariadne

More control orientated builds involving Ariadne exists. Of course, you would be forgoing speed and turbo for a more control-based aspect for the deck. You can still insert the Majespector engine alongside though, but players should be prepared to enter a deck size of around 46 cards should you choose to do so. Of course, triple Pot of Desires will help maintain its consistency, even if deck size is at 46 cards. Sorry, but seen the hard math, but can’t replicate it. As always, players that aren’t convinced that Pot of Desires is good: Just sit it out and don’t play it.

I find that this build has trouble pushing for game, and are more likely to result in bricked hands than the standard Majespector-Metalfoes. However, being able to search out your counter traps and use them without any payment of lifepoints does have its appeal, thus tempting many players to try it out. Mind Over Matter is also a searchable card via Ariadne for you to abuse the Metalfoes’ status as part of the psychic archetype, should you need more Solemn Warning-like traps.


Graydle Alligator

Not only does it halt OTKs as you disrupt your opponent’s battle phase when it gets destroyed by battle, you can take the initiative to destroy Graydle Alligator with your pendulum effects to trigger its pseudo-Snatch-Steal effect. Best used against Blue-Eyes matchup when you turn their high attack monsters against them.



The plan is to search-and-set two Metalfoes Combination, and send them for the summon of Anteatereatingant. Not only do you get to do two searches, you can also use this insect monster for the summon of Ultimaya Tzolkin alongside Blackwing – Gofu the Vague Shadow, as they both share the same level. Late-game wise, its destruction effect can come in handy, but I am not buying this card’s utility as, just like Gofu, it can only be summoned via its own effect.


Instant Fusion

This card can bring out Fullmetalfoes Alkahest. Worth noting, but seems meaningless since it won’t live to see another turn. But it is an available options should you be in the need for synchro/fusion materials.
But more importantly, at 1000LP, you can bring out monsters that may serve purpose in being destroyed, such as Panzer Dragon. Either pop it with the effect of Metalfoes pendulum scales, or during the end phase. You can even use Metalfoes Counter upon its destruction. Should you want an immediate removal of threat, players can opt for the old-school option: Thousand-Eyed Restrict.


Qliphort Engine

The Qli engine consist of two simple cards: Qliphort Scout and Qliphort Monolith, at one copy each. This build finds yourself making more use of Summoner’s Art apart from searching Metalfoes Volflame, as you have two more targets in the deck.
The play:

  1. Place Scout in scale. Pay 800LP to search Monolith.
  2. Place a Metalfoes in the other scale. Destroy Scout, search-and-set.
  3. Complete the scales and pendulum summon out Monolith and Scout.
  4. Xyz summon for Cyber Dragon Nova, then special summon Cyber Dragon Infinity.

So it is basically including Infinity in a Metalfoes deck, something uncommon, and it gives you the ‘steal opponent’s cards to be xyz materials’ and negation effect for you to abuse.


Speedroid Engine

This section didn’t make it to the Friends section of Metalfoes, for the Part 3 of the article, as I didn’t felt that it was a ‘friend’ of the archetype.Speedroid Terrortop and Speedroid Taketomborg are seen in many decks, be it Burning Abyss, Monarchs, Nekroz or even Darklords.

Metalfoes is no exception. Apart from its usual ability of deck-thinning and xyz summoning a Rank3 without using up your normal summon, the Speedroids can do more in Metalfoes that they can’t do in other decks.

    • Metalfoes’ extra deck is more focused on the Rank3 toolbox than any other ranks. Thus, both Speedroid monsters can help summon out the Rank3 monsters. You can even splash in a 2nd copy of Totem Bird, which brings me to my next point…
    • Vortex Trooper and Majespector Racoon – Bunbuku are both WIND ATTRIBUTE. Due to this, the Speedroid engine works doubly well in Metalfoes, in my opinion, as you can allow the Speedroids to still interact with your monsters for an xyz summon.
    • Surprisingly, TCG players come forth with the idea of including Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss to include in Metalfoes. Personally, I don’t fancy the idea. But I am sure it doesn’t hurt to include it. Apart for the sake of Ghost Reaper and Winter Cherries, you may sometimes find the need of a 2500ATK beatstick, or as a stall tactic if you place it in defense. However, Dante shouldn’t be on the priority list. Super Quantum Mecha Beast Granpulse and Totem Bird should be of greater importance.

Just remember, the name is Yugo.


Faustian Bargain

Not something unexpected, many have stumbled across this card, but it still stands to be a lesser-known tech. Faustian Bargain can be used to get rid of annoying opposing threats on the field by simply sending them to the graveyard, but as resolution of the effect and not as a cost. But personally, I don’t find myself with the need of summoning out my Level4 of lower monsters that much. Thus, I didn’t play this card.
Also, while the idea of sending an opposing monster to the grave sounds cool, the meta filled with non-targetable monsters make the idea turn sour.

I would suggest cards such as Emergency Teleport or even Unexpected Dai, even though I am not a fan of playing the latter in Majespector-Metalfoes, if you simply require a monster on your side of the field, maybe for a xyz summon, in a Metalfoes deck. Those two cards special summons from the deck, while Faustian Bargain does it from the hand, something which pendulum summon can also achieve. To me, this is one of the ‘keep-in-mind-for-future-usage’ type of cards. I believe that to learn a deck, you need to learn about its past, present and even future, such as how you might need or have to adapt/change the deck should it be hit by the banlist. Thus, the mention of this card on the list.

The utility of this card lies in the ability to send your opponent’s monsters to the grave, but just don’t forget, it targets.


True King Agnimazud, the Vanisher

Wait, I got this: Ag-nee-mah-zad? For a monster with a scary name, it does have its scary effects to live up to its name. Metalfoes are of the FIRE nation, I mean FIRE ATTRIBUTE, which thus justifies Agnimazud’s appearance in the deck. Rarametalfoes Bismagia and Metalfoes Orichalc have effects that trigger upon destruction, and both challenge to be the sacrificial lambs for the summon of Agnimazud. (For a monster to be summoned via destruction sounds so morbid… Even the Dragon Rulers required monsters to be banished.) Even if your monsters may not carry an effect that benefits from being destroyed, this can still prove for an opportunity to activate Metalfoes Counter.

Let’s not forget the double-banishing effect, that is non-targeting, judging by the way the card effect text is worded. Agnimazud’s final effect is also useful for adding to your hand the Wyrm monsters you tech-ed into your deck, such as Night Dragolich and Al-Lum’raj. Don’t forget the latter is a tuner, kinda slipped my mind the other day. And speaking of tuners…


Emergency Teleport

You probably read this card being mentioned many times over the articles, but it never really had a paragraph of its own. But now here it is. Emergency Teleport, despite being limited to one in the OCG, is a fairly popular choice to include during a Metalfoes player deck-building process. It comes in handy when you need a monster on the field for a synchro summon with Blackwing – Gofu the Vague Shadow. It was a life-saver for me back then as it allowed me to summon Void Ogre Dragon, which won me the game alongside Majespector Unicorn – Kirin. Otherwise, I would have to settle for my Level7 synchros like Clear Wing Synchro Dragon or Black Rose Moonlight Dragon which were significantly weaker lock-down options.

Emergency Teleport also serve as means to get Ghost Ogre and Snow Rabbit out on the field, where it can also activate its effect, to inflict pressure on your opponent to have to bait the destruction, which can probably end up being a resource-draining journey for them.


Metaphys Horus

Last but not least, with tuners comes synchros. Apart from the common Level7 and Level8 dragons you summon with the help of Ultimaya Tzolkin, and Gofu, you can tech in this single Level6 Wyrm. (surprisingly not a dragon! Charizard’s cousin confirmed!)

With your array of normal pendulum monsters, and the many Level3s at your disposal to interact with your Level3 tuners, you get to summon a Metaphys Horus with two effects – Unaffected by other card effects (although only for a turn) and you get to steal a monster! (That’s permanent) Sweet~

And any effect monster as a synchro material gives it a negation effect (permanent as well!). Though that may be a rarer sight to come across, Majespector Raccoon – Bunbuku is a Level3 effect pendulum monster in Metalfoes. (At least for ordinary OCG build.)


Evidently, the list can be longer, because as mentioned before: Metalfoes can abuse stun monsters, especially those higher-leveled ones that can’t be summoned easily in other decks. And this is what I love about the deck.
There exists many other stun monsters apart from Apex Avian, but I chose to only list it at I think it provides an absolute and versatile negation, as compared to a situational and gimmicky one. Right off the bat, I can also throw more names that didn’t make it to the list, such as Great Shogun Shien and The End of Anubis. Each of the various stun cards in the game has their merits, and as the meta develops to welcome newer archetypes, we will have to adapt and change our stun monsters to suit the needs of the Metalfoes deck. For example, currently against Kozmos, I would nominate Chaos Hunter and Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer. That, or Jowgen the Spiritualist should suffice. Rising threat Blue-Eyes? OCG players tried Neo-Spacian Grand Mole for a non-targeting and non-destruction removal for a while. So it can play around Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon‘s effect. Run this Neo-Spacian into Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon to force it to activate its effect as well. From experience, a common problem you will likely face in a Blue-Eyes matchup is Azure’s protection and the need to bait out Spirit Dragon’s effect. And this is why Swords of Concealing Lights remain popular in OCG. But I digress… once again…

Ultimately feel free to give it a try, although sadly, it is limited in TCG while it is unlimited in the OCG.
On an ending note, be it the common build in the OCG – Majespector Metalfoes – or the frequently suggested builds that TCG players come up with such as Vanilla Dracopals Metalfoes, many of these techs are stun monsters related to the pendulum summoning mechanic of the deck. Thus, be it you are a reader from OCG land or the TCG landscape, I hope you find this article a good read and learned something new.

Thank you for reading. Up next, Intro to Metalfoes – Part 5: Combos and Plays. (Let me know in the comments if you have requests for the article. E.g. How to make Ultimaya Tzolkin with only 3 cards, but without Instant Fusion)


P.S. Speaking of Instant Fusion, I do see it getting hit by the list in the foreseeable future as Treatoad enters TCG. Instant Fusion can net you a single card Bahamut Shark with Elder Entity Norden and a viable target in grave. Bahamut Shark gets you Treatoad. For a single card and 1000LP, that seems like a lot of pluses. And, as many have pointed out, Treatoad seems unhealthy for the game. Kinda makes players unable to play Yugioh. And all of a sudden, it feels like déjà vu, reminding you of Tellarknight Ptolemaeus‘ existence.

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