Intro to Metalfoes – Part 1: Introducing the Archetype

With the upcoming archetype Metalfoes set to debut in the TCG soon, and as an OCG player witnessing its success and its prolonged stay in the top tables, I, Ken Sir, shall attempt to introduce the archetype to players in need for help in this article series – Intro to Metalfoes.

So, Friend or Foe? Let’s go through every single card in the archetype, even those that has yet to debut in the TCG.

Metalfoes consists of FIRE Psychic-Type, normal Pendulum monsters. Their ATTRIBUTE and Type are important to take note of, as we touch on their useful support cards in the future installments of the article. Similar to Igknights, many Metalfoe monsters share the same pendulum effects.

Once per turn: You can target 1 other face-up card you control; destroy it, and if you do, Set 1 “Metalfoes” Spell/Trap directly from your deck.

They are able to destroy a face-up card, and then proceed to set a S/T card of their series directly from the deck. The destruction and setting of the card is simultaneous, which is important to note for Game Mechanics. This way, you will be able to abuse Yang Zing ‘s monster effects without the fear of missing timings, thus the rise and hype of Yang Zing Metalfoes.

Pendulum Monsters

Metalfoes Goldriver
Since the Metalfoes monster has the same Pendulum and Monster Effect (being Vanillas mean that they do not possess Monster Effects), what sets them apart will be their Level, Scale and Stats.

Goldriver leads first, as the Metalfoes monster with the highest ATK to boast that can be normal summoned right off the bat. At 1900ATK, it can attack over pesky floodgate monsters such as Jowgen or Fossil Dyna. It can even fight Rai-Oh to the death, destroying it along with itself in a tie.

Suggestion: Run 2-3

Metalfoes Silverd
Silverd trails behind Goldriver by 200ATK points, being at the 1700ATK range. Like Goldriver, it also carries a Scale 1. What sets it apart from Goldriver, however, is its status as a Level 3. Being at Level 3 allows it to interact more with off-theme cards in a common Metalfoes deck, such as Majespecter Racoon – Bunbuku and Archfiend Eccentrick for an xyz summon.

Its low defense however, is undesirable and leaves it vulnerable to an attack carrying double piercing.

Suggestion: Run 3

Metalfoes Steelen

Steelen sets itself apart from the crowd with not only his impressive defense, but also his high scale. Steelen exists as the only low-leveled but high scale Metalfoes monster. Thus, it is your only Scale 8 searchable via Painful Decision. This is not the case for Scale’s, as you have the option between Silverd and Goldriver.

Suggestion: Run 3

Metalfoes Volflame

Volflame, at Level7, packs the largest firepower, being at 2400ATK, and 2000DEF. Its high level makes it undesirable for a traditional Tribute Summon, as it requires two tributes. And in this day and age, Pendulum Summon exists. Its archetype’s Scale8 caters to its needs and allows it to be pendulum summoned as well.

Its impressive stats also makes it the most suitable candidate for a summon by Metalfoes Counters’ effect.

Suggestion: Run 2-3

Metalfoes Bismagia

Bismagia, the latest addition to the family, shares their pendulum effect, but has a monster effect of its own – with it being an effect monster. #trendbreaker

Bismagia provides a search upon being destroyed, either by battle or card effect. The search is delayed until the End Phase, much like Scarm, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss. Do note the slight difference that Scarm activates at the End Phase, while Bismagia triggers upon being destroyed. Being able to be activated upon destruction by a card effect aids a Metalfoes deck user even more, as one can just target it for Metalfoes’ pendulum effects.

Its Level status disallows it from being pendulum summoned back upon entering the extra deck. Hence you have to rely on cards such as Metalfoes Counter and Pot of Riches to retrieve it should you require it. With zero on both stats and being unable to serve purpose as a monster on the field, on top of not being able to be pendulum summoned, players usually play no more than two copies. It only serves to aid you in setting up your initial scales without relying too much on Steelen. After that, players usually sacrifice it for destruction to trigger its effect.

Suggestion: Run 1-2

Fusion Monsters

Metalfoes Crimsonite and Metalfoes Adamante

Fusion Monsters with relatively easy materials to fulfill for a Fusion Summon. This allows you to make more use of the off-theme cards you opt in include in your deck, as they can serve as fusion materials as well. Also, the Fusion Materials required implies the effectiveness of Super Polymerisation in this deck.

Suggestion: Run 1-2

Metalfoes Orichalc

Orichalc is a boss monster you should be aware of. Apart from being a usable option for a Super Polymerisation summon in a mirror match, it is also one of the few Fusion monsters with effects. Being able to destroy a card on the field means that you have something to gain from destroying it with a Metalfoes’ pendulum effect, or a suicide battle involving it. What do you have to gain from that, you ask? Simple. Should it be held down by cards such as Fog Blade and/or Fiendish Chain, feel free to target it for destruction and destroy a card on the opposing field.

The double piercing battle damage it offers extends to all Metalfoes monsters you control, offering the deck OTK capabilities, and at the same time, makes Swords of Concealing Lights an even more attractive option for a main deck slot.

Suggestion: Run 1-2

Fullmetalfoes Alkahest

Alkahest offers no effect upon destruction, but makes up for it by being a pseudo-Thousand-Eyes Restrict. While no substitution-destruction is evolved, the equipped monster serves purpose by being able to be used for a fusion summon, making Fullmetalfoes Fusion serve a purpose in the deck, as you can perform a fusion summon immediately upon resolving Alkahest’s effect. All this happens during your opponent’s turn.

The likely monsters you will fusion summon would be Crimsonite and Adamante, unless you are facing an opponent piloting Pendulums, and thus, Mythriel enters the picture. It is also worth noting that Alkahest can be summoned via a fusion summon of a copy of itself and another normal monster.

Suggestion: Run 1-2

Fullmetalfoes Mythriel

Debuted alongside Fullmetalfoes Alkahest in the OCG. Mythriel offers you a a third choice when you fuse two normal pendulum Metalfoes together – should you not prefer brute force from Metalfoes Orichalc, or a control-based option like Alkahest, go for Mythriel.

Mythriel allows Metalfoes users to recycle they S/T in the grave, which is crucial, as it keeps your pendulum effects ‘alive’, allowing you to once again set S/T from the grave. It is useful to recycle Metalfoes Combination, and most of the time you will find yourself doing that since Metalfoes Fusion self-recycles and Metalfoes Counter is likely to be banished for a retrieve. Apart from those options, you can also target Metalfoes monsters that has entered that grave, such as those that you used for fusion materials from the hand and maybe for the mill by Painful Decision.

It itself also has an effect that special summons a pendulum monster upon entering the grave, making it an optimal choice for a tribute summon (likely for Majespecter Unicorn – Kirin) since you can end up gaining field advantage. At all times, it would be wise to prepare a monster for its special-summon to make it a more troublesome presence for your opponent.

Suggestion: Run 1-2

Spells and Traps

Metalfoes Fusion

The play-maker of the deck. Apart from the traditional fusion summon, this cards offers a shuffle-and-draw. Hence, you will witness players only playing a single copy as it is recyclable. That being said, it is also the main target for your opponent’s D.D. Crow.

It is also notable for being the only Metalfoes S/T that can recycle itself from the graveyard.

Suggestion: Run 1

Fullmetalfoes Fusion

With this new fusion support card, Metalfoes can now fusion summon during the opponent’s turn. This can bring big surprises to the table, such as Alkahest and its ‘absorbing’ effect. Best used during your opponent’s turn, to make use of its quick-play spell status. Also, due to game mechanics, you can’t activate it the turn you set it from the deck.

Suggestion: Run 1

Metalfoes Combination

You will find yourself using its second more than its first, but do activate it to trigger its first effect should you manage to fusion summon it. In addition, it is not an uncommon sight for players to destroy this set card upon fetching it from the deck (via means of Eccentrick Archfiend or Mystical Space Typhoon) in order to retrieve a suitable pendulum scale from the deck.

Among the Spells and Traps, it is probably the one that you want to prioritize setting from the deck, as it allows you to invest in your future turns. Its searching ability also always allow you to gather a complete pendulum scale of 1 & 8 for a pendulum summon most of the time. Lastly, it is the most common card that you can search-and-set, then destroy it the next turn

Suggestion: Run 1-2

Metalfoes Counter

Counter is an amazing support for the deck, as it can be activated after your monsters get destroyed by your opponent, or when you take the initiative to do your own destruction, with the pendulum effects.

The second effect, being a quick effect, is also very helpful. Combined with Metalfoes Combination, that is usually how you fulfill your scale requirements, via searching and retrieving Metalfoes monster to place on the scales.

Suggestion: Run 1-2


Currently in the OCG, this card has not seen much play but its protection capability and attack bonus may be required in the future as the meta shift tides.

Suggestion: Run 1


eing a normal monster archetype means that it gains support from cards such as Unexpected Dai and Pot of Desires, playing the Metalfoes pendulum monsters at three copies each is to reduce the likeliness of Decision being a dead draw in the late game stages, or worse – Desires banishes all copies of one of your card, should you choose to only play 1 – 2 copies. Goldriver is the only one card which i would suggest playing at 2, as it shares the burden of bearing Scale 1 with Silverd. Thus, you won’t hurt the deck too much if you forsake one copy of it.

The synergy between Level 3s is also important so as to access your Rank3 toolbox more easily. Monsters such as Super Quantal Mech Beast Grampulse and/or The Phantom Knights of Break Sword allows players threat removal.

Next up, for Part 2, we shall focus on the off-themed cards that can support the archetype. So look foe-ward to it.


Ken Sir of Dueling "C".
Along with a group of friends, I founded the blog [Dueling "C"]. I am from Singapore, and have been playing competitively in the OCG since 2012, although I started playing the game casually since 2007.

Fav decks: Junk Doppel, Chaos Dragons.
Fav archetype: Yosenjus
Fav card artwork: Destiny Draw

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Ken Sir of Dueling "C". Along with a group of friends, I founded the blog [Dueling "C"]. I am from Singapore, and have been playing competitively in the OCG since 2012, although I started playing the game casually since 2007. Fav decks: Junk Doppel, Chaos Dragons. Fav archetype: Yosenjus Fav card artwork: Destiny Draw

7 thoughts on “Intro to Metalfoes – Part 1: Introducing the Archetype

  • August 7, 2016 at 2:17 pm



    Few notes:
    -“Similar to Igknights, many Metalfoe monsters share the same pendulum effects” -> Every main-deck/pendulum monster has same Pendulum effect.

    -Alkhaest is pretty pointless to run at 2, it’s a situational card that rarely goes on field in number of 1.
    Nobody really cares about D.D. Crow. Dragon Spirit of White is currently most possible Fusion banisher, because it works with Silver Cry’s. Due to current/upcoming meta it’s more worthy to mention.

    -Counter should always be run minimum at 2, simply because it’s great search target and can instantly make comeback if both are in grave.

    -Typos: No spaces after “Level”, “Rank” and “Scale”, “Majespector”, “Polymerisation”, “advanatge”

  • August 7, 2016 at 3:20 pm



    Can’t set Metalformation from the deck, as it’s not a “Metalfoes” card.

  • August 7, 2016 at 3:22 pm



    We might not care about D.D. Crow yet, but the OCG sides it very often, and the TCG will probably follow suit once the new meta establishes itself.

  • August 7, 2016 at 5:32 pm



    Hi. Didn’t dare to make the absolute connotation [all], since there might be future new cards. But you are right, all of the current ones do share the same effect.

    Alkahest is played at two for players, like me, choose to go for the fusion build. This leaves your extra deck spacious enough to put two copies of every fusion monster. And the reason for doing so? Metalfoes is currently a very popular deck choice in the OCG. Due to the common mirror match, I figured, why not? I can use the monster Alkahest stole (probably a Metalfoe monster) to fuse with another normal monster I have in my hand or field. (Using Fullmetalfoes Fusion). And it happens more than you think. I won a game controlling the field with two Alkahest and just Goldriver doing the damage. Kirin didn’t even have to do anything.

    On a related note, Silver’s Cry is actually absent from the competitive scene since OCG has better options like Return of the Dragon Lords, Monster Reborn and Soul Charge. D.D. Crow is also a key and common side deck choice current for the OCG, with Cycle Reader following closely behind as a substitute. But generally, players prefer the more versatile D.D. Crow.

    Counter can be played at 1, and there are deck builds that do so. But yes, personally I would prefer two too. Of course, players including Desires can always max it out to three.

    Lastly, the ‘no spaces’ after Level, Rank and Scale is intentional. Just my writing style.

    Of course, these are all just my suggestions and opinions. Feel free to stick to your preference. Thanks for pointing out your opinions though.

  • August 7, 2016 at 5:35 pm



    Editted. I realised my mistake shortly afterwards too.

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