Deck Information
Deck Type: Meta Decks
Deck Master: Crimson Knight Vampire Bram
Submission Date: March 31st 2020
Author: AsakuraX
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MonsterVampire Vamp x1
Vampire Grace x1
Shadow Vampire x1
Vampire Duke x2
Vampire Lord x2
Mezuki x3
Pyramid Turtle x2
Shiranui Spiritmaster x2
Skull Conductor x1
Vampire Lady x1
Vampire Sorcerer x3
Uni-Zombie x1
Pain Painter x1
Plaguespreader Zombie x1
Shiranui Spectralsword x1
Scapeghost x1
SpellsBook of Life x2
Foolish Burial x2
Gold Sarcophagus x1
Recurring Nightmare x1
Terraforming x1
Vampire Kingdom x3
"A" Cell Breeding Device x1
Burial from a Different Dimension x1
Twin Twisters x2
TrapsQuaking Mirror Force x1
Shiranui Style Swallow's Slash x2
Vampire Takeover x2
ExtraBeelze of the Diabolic Dragons x1
Dark End Dragon x1
Infernity Doom Dragon x1
Shiranui Shogunsaga x1
Archfiend Zombie-Skull x1
Doomkaiser Dragon x1
Revived King Ha Des x1
Shiranui Samuraisaga x1
Adreus, Keeper of Armageddon x1
Crimson Knight Vampire Bram x1
Number 14: Greedy Sarameya x1
Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer x1
Number 101: Silent Honor ARK x1
Ghostrick Alucard x1
Number 48: Shadow Lich x1
SideBerserk Dragon x1
Vampire Genesis x1
Goblin Zombie x1
Isolde, Belle of the Underworld x1
Necroface x1
Tristan, Knight of the Underworld x1
Zombie Master x1
Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower x1
The Lady in Wight x1
Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend x1
Black Rose Dragon x1
Number 23: Lancelot, Dark Knight of the Underworld x1
Allure of Darkness x1
A Deal with Dark Ruler x1
Remove Brainwashing x1

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