Missing Card Sets in API

OP Nanorithm • 1 week ago - (edited 1 week ago)

Seems some card sets are missing, the one I specifically saw was "Speed Duel GX: Midterm Destruction". I was using the API to lookup SGX4-ENA01 which should return Elemental HERO Neos but I get a no matching card error. This is the card in question, it definitely exists.

https://db.ygoprodeck.com/api/v7/cardsetsinfo.php?setcode=SGX4-ENA01 should return the data for this card but I get back nothing. Also, this link is broken for that pack as well.

OP Nanorithm • 1 week ago

Looks like RA02 (25th anniversary rarity collection II) isn't working either.