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Website Card ID By Bugattiblue - 2 weeks ago 521Thank you for your explanation I did not know of the process that determined the ID's that your website gave to these cards, and it is perfectly understandable that you do not wish to update1 week ago7
"Import Skipped! Invalid Card Set Code" By Korak - 2 weeks ago 142Delete the "cardid" column in your csv file and it will import successfully. We've removed this column since it's not needed anymore.  When you hit the upload .csv file button, i2 weeks ago2
Unable to import YDK file into collection By grazzingcow - 1 month ago 387 grazzingcow: 2 weeks ago7
Card Database Issue By TrampasLocasMilenario - 2 weeks ago 227I just looked and yes, it seems to work perfectly. Thank you.2 weeks ago5
Add cards to collection By The_Decor - 3 weeks ago 212There is. You should have got a "help" popup explaining this when you visited the new collection page. But your options are: Press "A" keyboard shortcut on the collection page to brin3 weeks ago2
Cards not appearing in Collection By Final Turn - 6 months ago 963Could it be multiple copies that go missing?3 weeks ago5
ADDING NEW CARDS TO COLLECTION By ROBERTJM - 1 month ago 245What's the issue exactly? Are you getting an error message? Is the button not working?1 month ago2
Issues uploading collection with .csv file By Byzantine - 1 month ago 579Anyone still getting errors uploading .csv's? "Collection imported successfully, but 2424 rows failed to import. Please check the following rows" 1 month ago8
Cube drafts locking after picks are made By Destiny HERO - Dysphoria - 1 month ago 278Hey there! I've pushed some updates today that may help with this. Alongside that, you could join our discord in the #cube-format channel where myself and others try figure some of the issue1 month ago2
Missing cards when trying to import By Blaze016 - 1 month ago 235I'm getting a "No Cards Found" result when trying to import the following set codes. Not sure if this info may be helpful, but all of these cards, except for D.D.R. and the tokens, used their pre-e1 month ago1