Site keeps logging me out at Deck Builder

I want to save my decks to my profile, but every time I enter the Deck Builder it keeps telling me that I'm logged out and have to be logged in to do so, even though I logged in just moments ago. I

st4bilitymusic replied 1 week ago

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Collection Reset?

I'm trying to reset my collection for a prog thing with some mates, but I cant figure out how to. Help?

Jee5419 replied 2 weeks ago

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Missing cards and alternate artworks.

Hey. Just wanted to point out that there are some missing artworks for certain cards. Toon World has the same artwork for both variants even though there are two variants on the page:

stefandibi replied 2 weeks ago

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Card database sort after date failure

This should be working now:

peepo paipa replied 3 weeks ago

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Card Rarities for Master Duel Pack Overviews

Hello,When viewing Master Duel Packs (such as thi

Jimbo the Casual replied 4 weeks ago

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Calamity Seed not in database

I know you guys revealed the Calamity Seed archetype ~2 weeks ago, but the cards are not in the database to be searched or put in a deck. Would you please add them soon? I want to build a deck with

FlooffyBeast replied 1 month ago

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Import Booster Config

Hello. It says the requested file has been deleted. 

Neolusso replied 1 month ago

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Various Problems

Forums #1 I cannot upload pictures because of a "user authentication error". I have authenticated my email to my knowledge, and am logged in.      

Bard replied 1 month ago

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Page Not Found

Me too.    I couldnt see my entire decklists LMAO. I posted my decklist everyday and the result was still the same.  It always says, "NOT FOUND. THE PAGE YOU WER

theredmatrix replied 1 month ago

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Thankyou, but it still didn't show up the cards. I can click it, but the decklist that i made didnt showed up.  It still says, "NOT FOUND. The page you were looking for could not be fou

Fardzansyach replied 1 month ago

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