Google ads on the site The collection box is completely unusable since an annoying google ad covers all the functions of the page on the left side. Can it like be moved literally anywhere else?
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Talyn97 • 35 minutes ago
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Missing Cards in Terminal Revenge For the card collection, "Ace*Spades Speculation" and "Brionac, the Magical Ice Dragon" from the new set are not appearing in the Card Collection search.
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FEARattata • 2 weeks ago
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Magician's Force page can't be found The links to the page for Magician's Force only lead to a "not found" page. Looked at it yesterday and it worked fine but when I checked the tab again today, the page was gone
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Slanax • 2 weeks ago
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Ghoti cards OCG release date All the Ghoti cards released in POTE/DABL have not been updated to include their OCG release in the World Premiere Pack 4.
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EliteInferno531 • 2 weeks ago
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Wrong card list for Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon? Hello! I think I came across an issue on the website.When trying to see the card list for Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon (
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philips_99 • 3 weeks ago
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not sure what this is or how to fix it So to ask. been doing a little YGO progression series with a buddy. Got to anicent sanctuary. No issues with it up till this point. spawned the packs. And went to hit add to collection. Got hit wit
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Zalla • 3 weeks ago
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Delete Fuzzy Search now. It took me five minutes to find the monster I was looking for because it starts with results based on the shortest word in your search, and it was on by default! This is purely bad design! Remove i
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FlooffyBeast • 3 weeks ago
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master duel deck creation info how can i create a master duel deck? there is no master duel option in the deck building
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ema vi • 3 weeks ago
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Cannot find my cube in search No matter what I do I cannot find my cube in the search function. This is the link to my cube: it has 9
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ArjunanT • 4 weeks ago
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json.exception.parse_error.101 with the Companion App json.exception.parse_error.101] parse error at line 1, column 125172: syntax error while parsing object key - unexpected number literal;Anyone knows how to fix this? Tried running as admin
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Vogelweide • 1 month ago
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