Website Improvement - RSS Feed (News)

OP The Yellow Architect • 1 week ago


I use Newsboat for fetching new content from internet. It allows me to "subscribe" to new content without opening a browser, so its basically an aggregator.
When a certain channel uploads a new video, when a new article is written (at some website which updates its RSS), when a new pull request is made in Github (by project or by user), it is registered in this software (URL, description, content and all). Newsboat is a fantastic tool all in all.

However, this site's automatic RSS is neglected. doesn't contain the "News" section. I check YGOPro everyday for "News" (basically new cards), so I would love it if it was included in Newsboat (it automatically pops up for me on boot), instead of opening a browser exclusively for checking YGOPro News like an addict (it is bookmarked)

My suggestion is to have a seperate RSS Feed exclusively for News.