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User blocking?

Yes, thank you! Sorry for rushing you.

DededeMan replied 2 weeks ago

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Hey guys, Wabaki here

Thank you so much!  More videos will be out soon. I upload a couple of times a week with the next rogue deck out on Monday :D 

Wabaki Gaming replied 2 weeks ago

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Chaos Phantasm targeting face down banished

no the card text would require Gizmek Naganaki, the Sunrise Signaler effect of  You can 

TheVikingStyx replied 1 month ago

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Exclude specific authors from Deck search

I'm wondering is there a way to block a specific author from appearing when searching from decks in the filters?

Pokki replied 1 month ago

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Friend wants to start Yugioh

I have a friend who wants to start Yugioh but doesn't want to spend a ton of cash on the game. I've recommended 3 copies of Shaddoll Showdown to him. Was this a smart move to make or should he go d

Kcoby3198 replied 1 month ago

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Database Advanced Search follow up and Format Function

So some time ago I asked whether the Advanced search options could be changed so that when searching for a Monster you can actually Search a monster with 0 atk/0Def or a Pendulum scale of 0. 

divilspeed replied 1 month ago

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Inquiries about tearlaments effect and polymerization

So in this example we have the a few points of interest. As mentioned the fusion summon of Rulkallos is invoked at the start which begins a chain, you select the monster to fuse and pay their cost.

neggeats replied 2 months ago

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How to delete a deck - Uploaded Decks

Title.   I might be missing something but I can't find a way to delete 'Uploaded Decks'. Any help would be appreciated.   Edit: Nm am stupid &nbs

jnr.germ replied 2 months ago

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Should I choose PPC or SEO for online marketing?

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Hero_Odet replied 2 months ago

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