Suggestions for my "Graveyard Dragon Deck"?

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OPDarthSnoMan 3 weeks ago - Edited: 3 weeks ago

Any suggestions for my Dragon Deck? (remove cards/ add cards)

Graveyard Dragons - YGOPRODeck

FlooffyBeast 3 weeks ago

Yeah, post a link to your deck, 'cause I'm not looking up every one of these generics.

OPDarthSnoMan 3 weeks ago

I edited the post. The link will take you to my deck.

Maximo Poder 3 weeks ago - Edited: 3 weeks ago

If you are going for an old format you can add Masked Dragon, Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the EndDragon's Mirror and Five-Headed Dragon. Also Montage Dragon can help you to have dragons on your graveyard, would destroy your hand tho.

Check Malicious archetype, they use a similar strategy requiring to have blue eyes, red eyes, etc. on graveyard to special summon their malicious version.

FlooffyBeast 3 weeks ago

If Dragonic Tactics, Toll Hike, and Dark Armed go bye-bye, you'll be at 40 cards, which should be some help to the massive brick I'm seeing here. All the synergy is artificial because it's barely held together, and you have no engine. I don't know who you're playing this against, but you can expect to lose against anyone who's playing a deck with a consistent tag, even a Highlander structure deck.