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Drytron yugioh newbie

She needs to be Ritual Summoned 1st before you can Special Summon her from the GY or banished pile <p><a style="box-sizing: border-box; color: #7d3e12; text-decoration-line: none

Expurrelyppoopystick replied 2 weeks ago

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Building a new deck

I'm trying to build a deck that contains timelords, therions, rikka, and zombies and I need help with it   

masterazazel_ replied 2 weeks ago

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What Do People Think Of The Meklords?

I know Meklords Are Not good by any means, but wanted to see people's opinion on them, since they are what I play, and If Ya'll wana see my build, it is the SECOND one i made.  

MCameron24 replied 1 month ago

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Looking for help with my very old Chaos Dragons deck

Same as what the thread title says, cobbled together a deck profile of my old 2014 Chaos Dragons deck that fell off after Eclipse Wyvern was banned and Collapserpent/Wyverburster went to 1 each, lo

JackSilversonX replied 1 month ago

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Mannadium Tearlaments

I made a Mannadium Tearlaments deck (with a bit of Scareclaw) and made a guide to it. If anyone can give me feedback or improvements, please let me know. Here's the link for ya'll if you wan

CrankyBoy replied 1 month ago

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Advanced Evolution

I'm newbie. Where I should start? fnaf games

Mewrai replied 1 month ago

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The powerfull Galaxy/Photon

Yep ! If you start first, the strategy is place solflare, photon lord and infiny cydra to negate the ennemi board and after place draglubion and otk with numeron dragon. At second it’s more d

Albertozor replied 1 month ago

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what decks should i look out for and what should i side

I have camebck to yugioh after a year and am having some trouble countering the meta,for example purrely and lab are giving me trouble so any suggestions for what i should side to counter them?

pochirate replied 1 month ago

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Thanks for tiny fishing sharing!!

gogata05 replied 1 month ago

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D/D/D Games + Deck Profile

I love the New Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards and usually play this game.

FATZOIDDGAMES replied 2 months ago

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