Various Problems

OP Bard • 3 months ago - (edited 3 months ago)

Forums #1

I cannot upload pictures because of a "user authentication error". I have authenticated my email to my knowledge, and am logged in.




Pack Opener #1

The link to the old opener is broken. This old opener is important because the new opener does not allow skipping taking cards during chaos draft, which is a vitally important feature for some formats, one of which I play.


Pack Opener #2

You cannot skip taking a card during chaos draft. This is a vitally important feature for certain formats. Nothing is lost by allowing it, so I would appreciate disabling the element that prevents it, or at least allow toggling whether it is possible, leaving it on by default.


Collection #1

Selecting "deck edit" from the collection tools no longer opens the collection as a deck in the deck editor, the deck is just empty.


Colleciton #2

When deleting a card from your collection, the user is jumped to the top of their collection, losing any place they were at. This does not appear to happen if the card is deleted by decreasing the amount of the card to 0.