Lightforce Sword

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OPygoLang 4 months ago

Hi all,

Hoping anyone can help explain this. I've been trying to create a duel in YGOPRO that uses Lightforce Sword to banish a card from opponants hand face down. I've then played out the following turns of the duel however the banished card never returns back to the opponents hand on the standby phase after 4 of their turns have passed. I initially thought this was because the card banished with Lightforce Sword was Obelisk the Tormentor, which can't be targetted, however it turns out not only does Lightforce Sword not target, but other card's I've tried this with don't return back to the opponents hand either. There's also no option for the player that activated Lightforce Sword to add the card back to the opponents hand as the card text suggests. 

Is this a bug in YGOPRO or have I missed something with the ruling? I have a video of the play/issue available if needed. 


irasciblefrom 3 months ago

Lightforce Sword, when activated, banishes a card from your opponent's hand face-down. According to the official card ruling, after four of your opponent's turns have passed, the banished card should return to their hand during their Standby Phase. The key here is that it's during their Standby Phase, and the effect should automatically resolve.

If you've waited for the specified number of turns and the card is not returning to the opponent's hand, it could be a bug in the YGOPRO program. In that case, you may want to check for updates or report the issue to the developers through the appropriate channels.