Wait wheel spins indefinitely when opening custom pack

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OPgrazzingcow 2 weeks ago


I have a 2 custom packs I have added and when I attempt to open them the spin wheel spins indefinitely.  It has happened to 2 of the custom packs I have added: Dragon Cave (8430) and Dinos R Us (8421).  I was wondering if, like previous issues this may be a situation upon making the pack it didn't copy over the proper files.  I also have attempted to open Dinos R Us (8421) in a custom draft but the wheel also spun for a long while.  I wanted to know if I added something incorrectly, did something wrong or if this is a bug.



TimTimsen 2 weeks ago

I've been having the same issue since yesterday with some of my old packs. And all new ones I try to make don't work either, so it's probably a side wide problem.
For me some old ones also don't update no matter what I do. The correct cards appear in the creation tool but won't when actually opening them in the simulator.

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ygoprodeck 2 weeks ago

This should be fixed now guys, I've identified the issue.

Can you try again? Thanks!

TimTimsen 2 weeks ago

It's working for me.

Thanks for the quick fix.

OPgrazzingcow 2 weeks ago

Awesome turnaround time. Thank you!