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OPygoprodeck 3 months ago

Welcome, all to the new YGOPRODeck Site Overhaul Introduction thread!

New users are welcome to introduce themselves here.

Welcome to the YGOPRODeck community!

Shendelzare_Scathach 2 months ago


Eliza Marshal 2 months ago

I am Eliza - I am a Graphic Designer and Artist. I also work on embroidery. Currently working for Absolute Digitizing that is a top quality embroidery digitizing service provider. Also provide vector. jpg to pes conversion and logo digitizing services.

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Yui Rose 2 months ago

Hey am yui love the game 

deleted magicians 1 month ago

hello duelists! i am isaiah and as the name suggests i play mainly dark magicians. i currently am working on improving my deck in any way i can to maybe one day win a tournement with a "bad archetype". i also use duelingbook online to design my dub ideas into yugioh and honestly its a good creative site but just use dueling nexus for actual duels, trust me.

Radioplaya 4 weeks ago

Hello! Name's Radio and I have been playing MTG for 15 years. Looking to try Yugioh out and omg there is a lot to take in. Any assistance is appreciated. 

DeckTwin 4 weeks ago

Hello, I'm DeckTwin and I love playing with bad decks for their artwork and gimmicks.

Henry Ross 3 weeks ago

Hello all,

I'm a newbie here. I want to say hello to all and introduce myself. I hope everyone here is doing well so far. 

Thank you so much for your time. 

OPygoprodeck 6 days ago

Welcome, all new users!

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