Fluffal Monsters: A Fantastically Friendly Review!


Welcome to part 2 of the two-part special on Fluffals and Frightfurs. Now that we have the certainly spooky fusions covered, let’s check out these adorable main deck monsters. Since there’s a lot of them, we’ll only be looking at the ones that are still viable for competitive play.

Feel free to check out Part 1 of this series (here).

Good Doggo

Fluffal Dog

Fluffal Dog leads the charge in the stuffed animal brigade! This cute puppy’s effect is simple yet powerful. Upon being Normal or Special Summoned from the hand, it’s able to add any archetypal monster or Edge Imp Sabres to your hand.

Dog is a strong Normal Summon for the deck, enabling the rest of your Deck by picking up a Fluffal you may need at the time, or Sabres if necessary. A lot of core plays revolve around summoning it, both for going first and second.

Frightfur Repair, Toy Vendor, and Penguin are cards that can allow you to summon this out of your hand, which is certainly a plus. There are times where the NS has already been burned, and these free summons help make Dog a lot more useful for the deck.

Overall, you run three copies of this Doggo for sure. Its part of the first original wave of the deck during ARC-V and remains useful even to this day.

Beary Neat

Fluffal Bear is one of the cornerstones of the deck, one way or another. It lets you access the coveted Toy Vendor, which is an important asset in your deck’s plays. There’s not a lot to it, other than its effect is very difficult to stop as it is a direct set from the deck.

Toy Vendor lets you pitch cards out of your hand, this is key for cards like Edge Imp Chain, Frightfur Repair, or even other copies of Vendor! It also enables the draw effect by getting Wings to the GY.

In combination with Magicians’ Souls, you’re able to do some crazy double vendor setups for more plusses! The on-field effect generally isn’t used but can come up in niche cases like if you’re already raring to go. Bear’s first effect is its claim to fame, and it would still be a three-of even if that was the only thing it could do.

You play 3 of this and no less. Bear is the heart and soul of the deck. The extra copies don’t really brick, as they can be used for Fusion Material, allowing Toy Vendor to hit more often, and searchable follow-up in grindy matchups.

Faerie Draws

Fluffal Wings

Fluffal Wings is a card that’s straightforward as they get. If it’s in the GY and you’re able to properly set it up, free plusses for days! You get to not only draw 2 cards but also get a search for any archetypal card or Edge Imp Sabres that you may need at the time.

Back before the release of Dolphin, you had to play three copies to see it which did lead to some potential bricking. This was certainly changed after its release, allowing the deck to comfortably run fewer copies of Wings without sacrificing consistency.

The consensus is to play 2 copies of the card. You use one initially, while the second allows comebacks with Fluffal Dolphin or Vendor on the field for later turns.

Penguin Gaming

Fluffal Penguin

Fluffal Penguin is one of the mainstays of the deck, giving it a lot of power and flexibility to boot. Its first effect allows you to better make use of the other monsters such as Dog, Owl, or Dolphin without a hitch. Not once per turn, by the way (it’s once each for a copy), which can matter in some cases.

Its level and attribute also work with the latter, giving you access to Bahamut Shark. This means you’re able to make Toadally Awesome. A good thing to note about this combo is that you’re able to it under 5 summons, dodging the likes of Nibiru, the Primal Being!

Boards are helped immensely by Toad, giving the deck much-needed Omni-negation while recycling Fluffal Dolphin or Penguin for later purposes.

Penguin’s second effect to provide draws and GY setup is another boon. Not only does it help trigger SEGOC for your fusions, but it also hands you more resources and pitches cards like Vendor, Repair, and Chain into the GY.

Edge Imp Scythe pairs quite well with Peng to lay waste on their first play during their turn. You get a lot of free cards to boot!

You play 2 Penguin, as the deck has a high amount of consistency already. It doesn’t necessarily do anything on its own and can be a brick at three.

The Accomplice

Fluffal Dolphin

Fluffal Dolphin is the newest addition to the Main Deck lineup, being quite the doozy! Dolph allows Foolish Burial Goods to be a one-card setup for Wings, among other things.

Its ability lets you recycle Toy Vendors back to your field while dumping a Fluffal or Edge Imp Sabres to boot! Wings tend to be the best target by far, but the fiend is okay occasionally if you have another way to get to the former.

Both its level and attribute work in tandem with Penguin for easy Bahamut Shark access.

A popular two-card combo is as follows: Dolphin/Penguin + Foolish Burial Goods.

FBG dumps Vendor which then lets you add the other card missing. Normal Summon Penguin, use its effect to bring Dolphin out.

You then activate Dolphin’s effect to re-set Toy Vendor to your field and mill Wings accordingly. Proceed to Bahamut Shark into Toadally Awesome, and make sure to detach Dolphin as you don’t want to banish Penguin for Vendor. Linking into Cross-Sheep later after your first fusion revives it, after all.

This two-card play nets you ready to use Wings and a free negation to boot!

One last thing about this card is that you can also SEGOC with it just fine, which is another handy trait to have.

Running 2 copies is the usual way to go, both decent in going first and second builds.

Fluffy One-Offs

Fusion Hoot

Fluffal Owl

Fuffal Owl is a neat little option that lets you fuse with either of its effects. While you normally don’t go into it, the times that you do are worth the effort.

As a Fluffal player, you won’t always have access to more than 1 Polymerization at a time. This is where the owl can come in, swooping in via Toy Vendor, Frightfur Repair, or Penguin’s free summons.

After doing that, you can either grab a Poly or use its effect for the small price of 500 LP. Second choice matters when battling the likes of Anti-Spell Fragrance, Imperial Order, or Secret Village of the Spellcasters. Otherwise, you go for the first choice.

Run 1 for sure, it acts as great insurance.

Bounce Time

Fluffal Sheep

From first glance, it doesn’t take quite long to see the power and utility of Fluffal Sheep. It lets you amass free Link Materials and nice amounts of card advantage, making it quite a handy one off. Its one of the best ways to funnily enough, summon Cross-Sheep or help build materials for a large Apollousa, or for a big fusion play.

Run it at one, as it’s quite the free monster.

Combo Kitty

Fluffal Cat

Fluffal Cat is a highly important one-off for the deck. Not only does it let you recycle a Polymerization, it also SEGOCs for your fusions. Cat is important go into as it allows easy OTKs with Frightfur Kraken + Sabretooth, or even easy materials to make Double Cruel Whale.

Never leave home without this kitty.

Sample Deck

Fluffal Going First

This here is a nice sample deck that focuses on building up to a huge multi-layered board going first and still doing okay going second. Most Fluffal builds are geared towards going second, so this is one that prefers the opposite.

One main setup you’ll want to be building is Dingirsu + Winda + Toad + Artifact Scythe with Edge Imp Scythe in hand and occasionally with Apollo.

With that board, you’re able to play through some of the nastiest board breakers and have good levels of recursion and follow-up.

Gamma is a necessity as of right now thanks to the threat of Droll and Lock Bird.


And there you have it folks! I hope it was an enjoyable rundown on both Fluffal and Frightfur cards and strategies. What’s your favorite Fluffal? Let me know down below.

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