Frightfur Fusions: A Fantastically Frightening Review!


Fluffal and Frightfur have always been a decently popular deck that was released in the ARC-V era. The deck has a solid foundation on what it wants to do as the years went by.
Today we will be checking out the Frightfur Fusions that you should be keeping in mind, as there are still quite a few decent ones to work with.

The Field Shredder

Frightfur Tiger

Frightfur Tiger puts us on a strong start in terms of the fusions. Blowing open a huge hole in the opponent’s board is Tiger’s strong suit, especially when facing multi-negate setups.

But then the question comes to mind, wouldn’t they just negate this card’s effect? Not necessarily! This is where some of the Fluffal monsters shine, as they get bonus effects when used as Fusion Material.

Thanks to Simultaneous Effects Go on Chain, you’re able to protect direct responses to Tiger. Popular choices include Fluffal Cat, Dolphin, and Penguin.

While there are other Fluffals that do this, these three are the best choices when playing the deck optimally. An example would be Frightfur Tiger as Chain Link one, Penguin as Chain Link two, Cat as Chain Link three, and so on. This line of play hates facing Infinite Impermanence or Effect Veiler, so one should be mindful when attempting this.

Cat lets you retrieve Polymerization from the GY for more plays, and Penguin nets you two cards plus GY setup. While you usually won’t be fusing with Dolphin as its on-field effects are better, it’s still an option in a pinch as it helps secure your play.

Tiger’s downside of being locked into Edge Imp Sabres is a bummer. However, with some careful play, it’s manageable thanks to the likes of Patchwork, Dog, and Dolphin.

This beast stands as a staple one-of in the deck, as Extra Deck space is quite tight.

Anti-Floating Floater

Frightfur Sheep

Sheep isn’t as strong as it used to be, but it’s still an alright Frightfur Fusion. In grindy matchups such as Burning Abyss or Sky Striker, Sheep’s effect to disable effects from activating until the end of the Damage Step blocks cards like BA’s from floating or Raye from triggering.

Sheep is also notable against Zoodiac, as if Drident tries to pop it, it just comes back. It also denies Whiptail’s banish effect from ever triggering.

Lastly, it is an Instant Fusion target and allows easy laddering of Frightfur Sabre-Tooth in a pinch. While you normally don’t run it anymore due to the Extra Deck space being tight for both versions of the deck (first or second). Sheep remains a fine card and could shine if the format ever slows down.

You can run one copy of this card if you’re feeling wild, but you can get away without using it.

Behemoth of the Sea

Frightfur Kraken

Released in Fusion Enforcers, Frightfur Kraken packs a huge wallop and is a strong board buster and OTK enabler. Thanks to its ability to attack twice, it’s able to mow down boards and the opponent’s Life Points.

Its ability to send monsters to the GY with the trade-off of not being able to attack directly is a small price to pay. This effect does target, so that’s something to keep in mind.

Kraken combos well with Sabre-Tooth, as the duo work side by side to ensure exactly 8000 damage against your opponent if uninterrupted. You can even use Kraken’s effect to remove a monster and then revive it with Sabre, as it can now attack twice for game due to it being a different copy!

Going first, Kraken is important in combos, as it’s an easily summonable fusion that also happens to be Level 8. Sabre-Tooth also happens to be level 8. Combine the two together and you have Rank 8 mayhem!

Dingirsu, Orcust of the Evening Star is one of the best Rank 8 XYZ to go into with these two. Dingirsu either removes a threat without much worry and acts as solid protection for cards. El Shaddoll Winda and Apollousa come to mind, as the former is brought out by Instant Fusion / Verte Anaconda.

Kraken is a staple and resides firmly in Fluffal Extra Decks, no doubt about that. It’s recommended to run two copies of this card. The second copy tends to come up here and there in dicey situations.

Necromancer of Blades

Frightfur Sabre-Tooth

Frightfur Sabre-Tooth needs no introduction, being one of the most important cards in the strategy of Fluffals.

The effect to revive a Frightfur Fusion monster is both underrated and powerful. Sabre lets you push for a ton of damage, swarm, re-use non-HOPT effects (Kraken or Whale), and go into Rank 8s.

Its attack boosting is also a massive part of what makes it so good, allowing you to just shred through monsters and apply pressure. This can even be felt through multiples Sabre-Tooths on the field, letting you muscle past almost everything!

Sabre’s protection it has is also respectable if you decide to commit 3+ materials to the fusion. This can come up when facing cards like Gamma, Ghost Ogre, Dogmatika Punishment, Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon, and Conquistador. These cards are commonly played right now in many levels of play, so it’s good to take into account.

One trick that can be done with this card is the Union Carrier play. Carrier equips Dragon Buster Destruction sword to a 3-material Sabre-Tooth. This gives you a monster that locks out the opponent of their Extra Deck, with a good amount of built-in defense. Toadally Awesome often pairs up to help protect your field too.

Unlike other going first Fluffal plays, this setup is not prone to losing against Infinite Impermanence, Dark Ruler No More, or Forbidden Droplets.

All in all, you play at least two copies of this in Fluffal for its blend of power and utility that nothing else can come close to.

Gateway to Disaster

Frightfur Cruel Whale

Frightfur Cruel Whale is a nice new fusion, coming off hot and fresh from Rise of the Duelist! It carries a good bunch of effects that give the deck a lot more versatility compared to before.

Paired with Edge Imp Scythe, Whale lets you disrupt your opponent during their first turn, allowing you to weaken or stop their plays while bringing out a formidable fusion monster as a bonus. Scythe also banishes itself to protect Cruel Whale from its own effect, so that’s not a concern.

Whale also gives a meaty attack boost plus GY setup, dumping Frightfur Repair from Deck to the grave. The spell’s on-field effect isn’t too great, but its GY effect is bonkers, breaking wide open a lot of your other Fluffal monsters stuck in the hand.

Going first, you can also do Artifact Scythe plays thanks to Dagda and Edge Imp Scythe, popping the set card during your opponent’s turn to then lock them out of their extra deck. You also remove a card on their field as a bonus.
True King of All Calamities is another option that can be considered but does require a good amount of things to go in your favor.

Cleaver Finale

Frightfur Wolf

Frightfur Wolf has one goal once it hits the field. This goal is to shred the opponent’s Life Points to 0 and clean up shop. Wolf is one of the spell’s namesake and acts as a ludicrous finisher once its properly setup. This fiend is more often than not able to attack 5-7 times and can even receive a boost from either Sabre-Tooth or Tiger if necessary.

Both Edge Imp Chain and Predaplant Verte Anaconda allow easy setups of the Fusion Spell’s activation, resulting in a clean-up if the situation calls for it. Should Sabre + Kraken not be enough to finish the job, Wolf steps in to lay waste upon their LP.

You run the one copy if you plan to use it, it is not mandatory but it can help a lot in a pinch.


That about does it folks! The other fusions aren’t mentioned since they didn’t really age well, nor are they any good compared to the ones that see play. Fluffal has come a long way from its inception, and it’s only up from here! Droll & Lock Bird’s popularity is a big hindrance, though.

Anyway, what is your favorite on the list? Mine is a tie between Sabre-Tooth and Kraken personally. Join us next time as we take a look at the good Fluffal main deck monsters!



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