Duel Links Quick Deck Highlight – Luck on your Side

Luck On Your Side – Quick Deck HighLight
Monsters Twin-Barrel Dragon x3
Sphere Kuriboh x2
Barrel Dragon x1
Time Wizard x3
Amazoness Chain Master x2
Spells Half Shut x2
Enemy Controller x3
Cup of Ace x3
Traps Mirror Wall x2


Luck On Your Side is one of the most creative, adrenaline-pumping decks you’ll play with. On paper it looks terrible, but when put into practice you’ll realize what a formidable force you have in your hands.

The deck revolves around one simple thing: luck. The concept of luck has long been embedded in the game of Yu-Gi-Oh and has always been a double edge sword; without Lady Luck on your side you will often find yourself struggling to make the most basic of plays.

Enter Luck on Your Side, an exclusive Duel Links skill. Exclusive to Joey Wheeler, it fits well within the theme of the deck. And who knows, with Joey by your side, maybe you wont need Lady Luck after all!

Main Objective

Cup of Ace

The objective of this deck is to match the condition that come with the “Luck On Your Side” skill. That is, you want to have less than 1000 life points and, once you’re below that threshold, all coin tosses will become heads. This means that you’ll be able to use Cup Of Ace as a legitimate Pot Of Greed or Time Wizard as a pseudo-Raigeki!

With their effects guaranteed, your luck-based cards become powerful tools that give you a ton of momentum. In a single stroke, you just turned all your luck-based cards into guaranteed power cards.

However, you still need to play cautiously. You should be especially wary of high-ATK monsters, because if your opponent can just blast through your life points you won’t have time to pull off the win condition. Something I’ve found effective is to bait the opponent by bluffing a bricked hand. This will often lead to the opponent open for a counterattack, as you’ll usually have enough LP to spare.

Deck Price and Possible Replacements

Time Wizard

Due to the nature of this game, you’ll need to consider the price of the deck itself. On the plus side, it’s definitely budget-friendly; as most of the essential cards can be farmed. But to really take it to the next level, consider options like Sphere Kuriboh and meta back row, as well as other quality defensive cards. Those can make all the difference.

All in all, I was flabbergasted by the enjoyment I’ve gotten from playing this deck. It was really cool seeing all the coins land in my favor as well as wiping my opponents board with Time Wizard. These days, you usually just see people playing meta decks and it can be quite boring. That’s why, you should try this deck and get a breath of fresh air once in a while!


Henry Ngan

Duel Links Content Writer.

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    Good article. Joey was my fav character in the original series and I’m really enjoying his Skills in Duel Links.

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