Duel Links Quick Deck Highlight – Doomsday Horror Deck

Doomsday Horror – Quick Deck HighLight
Monsters Trance Archfiend x3
Sphere Kuriboh x2
Doomsday Horror x3
Dark Mimic LV3 x3
Prometheus, King of the Shadows x2
The Gross Ghost of Fled Dreams x2
Spells Chaos Zone x1
Traps Skull Lair x3

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Almost non-existent and flying under everybody’s radar, Doomsday Horror is a niche deck that will catch your opponent off guard. Duel Link’s decks don’t usually use the graveyard too often but when everything is set up just right, you’ll become unstoppable.

The Doomsday Horror deck revolves around the graveyard. You might think to yourself that in this speed duel format, milling to the grave is suicide.  But this is where the Doomsday Horror deck proves you wrong. By taking advantage of the fact that there aren’t too many cards that negate plays in the grave, you’ll be able to utilize your combos to the fullest.

Coupled with the skill “Fiend Farewell” used exclusively by Yami Bakura, you can start sending specific monsters to the grave which convert into advantages. All in all, don’t be afraid to give this deck a try because once everything is set up, your opponent will have no chance!

Main Objective

Doomsday Horror

The objective of this deck is to mill as many dark monsters to the grave as possible. This is why both “Magical Merchant” and “Trance Archfiend” are included. One your monsters hit grave, you’ll be able to eliminate any threat with “Skull Lair“.

Chaos Zone, if played early, generates a ton of advantage due to its synergy with “Skull Lair”.  Once you have dark monsters in the graveyard, killing any monster becomes a simple task. With counters building up on Chaos Zone, your “Doomsday Horror” will always come back.

However, this deck can brick. If you fail to mill monsters and your opponent rushes you down, it can stop you from taking the game. This is why “Sphere Kuriboh” is a great option since it can save you if you are in a pickle.

Careful play with “Skull Lair” is important. It is a powerful trap card but if you cannot recycle your resources, you’ll eventually run out. One thing I have not tried with this deck is splashing it with Lightsworns. Their mill effects could theoretically help fill your graveyard for more combo potential. At the very least it’s something to experiment with.

Deck Price and Side Deck Options

Pumprincess the Princess of Ghosts

As always, Duel Link’s is a game that requires smart investment. Most cards in the deck are common and rare with the exception being “Sphere Kuriboh”. That being said, this deck is fairly budget and can easily be used by any duelist.

One card that you can replace “Sphere Kuriboh” with is the “Fiend MegaCyber“. Since both cards are used to save you from a tough spot, it is an excellent card that can stall for turns.

Another card that can be used to replace “Sphere Kuriboh” is “Pumprincess the Princess of Ghosts“. This card is extremely good and it also has a dark attribute. It has the effect of Wonder Balloons and the longer the game goes on, the more weakened your opponent will be.

All in all, Doomsday Horror has been an incredibly fun deck and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to counter the current meta.


Henry Ngan

Duel Links Content Writer.

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