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2024-05-27 17:24:33
+ 1Traptrix Cularia+ 1Void Trap Hole+ 1Traptrix Pinguicula+ 1Time-Space Trap Hole+ 1One for One+ 1Naturia Barkion+ 1Naturia Sacred Tree+ 1Trap Hole+ 1Mystical Space Typhoon+ 1Storming Mirror Force+ 1Traptrix Rafflesia+ 1Cosmic Cyclone+ 1Infinite Impermanence+ 1Raigeki+ 1Traptrip Garden+ 1Evenly Matched+ 1Harpie's Feather Duster+ 1Barrier Statue of the Drought+ 1Maxx "C"+ 1Summon Limit+ 1Traptrix Nepenthes+ 1Deep Dark Trap Hole+ 1Traptrix Vesiculo+ 1Bottomless Trap Hole+ 1Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare+ 1Kumongous, the Sticky String Kaiju+ 1Gravedigger's Trap Hole+ 1Naturia Beast+ 1Solemn Strike+ 1Quaking Mirror Force+ 1Mirror Force+ 1Traptrix Dionaea+ 1Retaliating "C"+ 1Heroic Champion - Gandiva+ 1Traptrix Atypus+ 1Traptantalizing Tune+ 1Traptrix Pudica+ 1Magical Hound+ 1Danger! Mothman!+ 1Dark Hole+ 1Gozen Match+ 1Naturia Rock+ 1Pot of Greed+ 1Traptrix Atrax+ 1Break Off Trap Hole+ 1Anti-Spell Fragrance+ 1Traptrix Allomerus+ 1Naturia Rosewhip+ 1Imperial Order+ 1Baromet the Sacred Sheep Shrub+ 1Number 106: Giant Hand+ 1Glow-Up Bulb+ 1Floodgate Trap Hole+ 1Traptrix Sera+ 1Painful Choice+ 1Traptrix Holeutea+ 1Terrifying Trap Hole Nightmare+ 1Traptrix Arachnocampa+ 1Knightmare Cerberus+ 1Graceful Charity+ 1Skill Drain+ 1Traptrix Mantis+ 1Network Trap Hole+ 1Solemn Warning+ 1Traptrix Genlisea+ 1Banishing Trap Hole+ 1Number 41: Bagooska the Terribly Tired Tapir+ 1Naturia Mole Cricket+ 1Compulsory Evacuation Device+ 1Giant Rat+ 1Aussa the Earth Charmer, Immovable+ 1Naturia Cosmobeet+ 1Jar of Avarice+ 1Hyper Psychic Riser+ 1Naturia Antjaw

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