Deck Spotlight: Duelist Kingdom

Deck Spotlights is a series by which highlights specific decks of a given category that have been uploaded to YGOPRODeck.

Yugi (Duelist Kingdom)

Of course this wouldn’t be much of a Duelist Kingdom list without a Yugi deck. This deck is brought to us by UnlimitedK and at first glance it seems to be a fairly standard Duelist Kingdom Yugi deck profile, however they do include all 5 pieces of Exodia which some may claim to not exactly follow the anime canon (thanks Weevil).

Deck Uploaded by UnlimitedK

Bandit Keith (Duelist Kingdom) Deck

Next up we have a Bandit Keith deck by kale115. A pretty straight-forward machine deck with the usual power-ups of 7 Completed and Metalmorph. Seriously, big kudos to you if you can manage to summon Metalzoa.

Bandit Keith
Deck Uploaded by kale115

Player Killer of Darkness (PaniK) – Duelist Kingdom

Next we have a Panik deck from AkaiRosé. AkaiRosé is a deck uploader I have seen quite frequently on the site. They have a keen eye for making his decks as close to the anime as possible with official cards. One of the more interesting notes on the deck is “You know why I used the fire-burn-cards, if you watched the show“, a very astute observation!

PaniK Deck
Deck Uploaded by AkaiRosé

Labyrinth Bros. (Para&Dox) – Duelist Kingdom

Another deck from AkaiRosé, here we are looking at the Paradox brothers deck. These guys were my absolute favorite from the Duelist Kingdom arc. I am still calling for a Gate Guardian retrain to this day. It contains some really interesting early Yugioh cards such as Jirai Gumo and Wall Shadow.

Paradox Brothers
Deck Uploaded by AkaiRosé

Maximillion Pegasus (Duelist Kingdom)

Maximillion Pegasus, the president of Industrial Illusions and the creator of the game of Duel Monsters! A deck with a lot of interesting and quirky cards. Contains some of the most interesting cards from the Duelist Kingdom Arc with cards such as the absorbing Relinquished to the quirky Jigen Bakudan. The summoning of the mighty Thousand-Eyes Restrict still remains one of the best moments of the arc.

Maximillion Pegasus
Deck Uploaded by AnimeDeckProfiles

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