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Use this page to submit a deck to YGOPRODeck. The process is automatic and the deck will immediately be avilable for download. You need to be logged into the site to submit a deck.

You can view of FAQ on this uploader here. You can edit your previously uploaded decks here. You can also update your user avatar here.

Please follow the instructions below to learn how to upload a deck.

Build a Deck

Step 1: Build a Deck

Build a deck using our Online Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck Builder. When you build a deck, it generates a .ydk file which is essentially a txt file that contains the ID of every card in the deck. If you already have a .ydk file, you are good to go!

Upload .ydk File

Step 2: Upload .ydk File

To upload a deck, all you need is a .ydk file! Our code will then go through the file and generate a deck list (image and text!) along with generating a Deck Ratio pie chart. If you don't have a .ydk file, be sure to refer to our online deck builder to generate one!

Deck Upload

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