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YDK Deck Folder

Simply follow these instructions:

  1. Create your deck in YGOPRO.
  2. Browse to your YGROPRO installation folder and navigate to the deck folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\YGOPro\deck)
  3. Upload the file blelow.
  4. Please include a detailed strategy for the deck along with any possible combos. A short strategy with no effort may result in your submission being discarded.
  5. If the deck gets approved it will be added to the site and credit will be given.
  6. Check here for an example of a deck submission with strategy and combos.

Upload YGOPRO YDK Deck File:

YDK File Upload

Revised Deck Upload

Use this section to make changes to a deck that you have already uploaded and is hosted on the site.

Please explicitly state what cards have been removed and what cards have been added.

YDK Deck Revision


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