Deck Guide: Leveling with Datascape

Introduction to the Datascape Database!

Datascape was first introduced into the OCG as several promotional cards with an unknown focus on the level 3, which was then promptly released as a collection of several other support cards in Phantom Rage, causing it to suddenly be one of the most expensive and annoying decks to build.
With adorable humanoid designs and a felicitous atmosphere of beasts, these mythological representations of auspicious blessings were quickly appreciated by the community. Somehow, Datascape is now really strong! (in my very biased opinion)
Adopting a nostalgic black and white approach towards the game, I will decipher the metadata of the Datascape.

The Datascape Definition

The Datascapes have levels/ranks in multiples of 3, allowing them to easily tap into Synchro/XYZ within these categories. Most of them have a shared effect of summoning themselves by targeting a face-up Datascape card. With such an easy summoning style, Datascape can easily swarm the board in order to produce strong Synchros/XYZs! The drawback is not being able to summon Link Monsters, which is usually irrelevant.

Blessed with the Level of 3, the archetype can tap even further into the vast Lv3 toolbox, be it play-starters or extenders, encouraging players to adopt a Combo approach to the deck. I will expand on this part further in the article.

The Datascape Members

Datascape Lady - Ruirui

Ideally, you should be looking to play 3 of every card mentioned, as this archetype is reliant on the presence of a Datascape card. Summoning Datascapes are easy as well, so there are no bad cards you would not want to draw.
Niangniang can also return facedown banished cards, making Pot of Desires less painful for the player.

This card is quite peculiar as it does not really contribute to swarming, but holds value as a Datascape name.

The Datascape Gates

Datascape Capital - Jiulong

You should also be maxing out every card in this list, simply just for the requirement of a Datascape name.
You will almost NEVER use the 4+ effect of Jiulong, but it still wields a strong effect to tutor the other Gate cards.
Qinglong is your method to search, but also acts as a simple counter to monsters like El Shaddoll Winda and Invoked Caliga.
Zhuque is the deck’s form of interruption and recycling and also
helps tweaks levels for Synchro/XYZ plays. This effect comes up often to summon Cloudcastle/Rank 9s!

The Data Beyond

Datascape Fox - Xianxian

Aptly named after the 4 auspicious beasts of the Chinese Constellation, these monsters will turn the game and luck in your favor (hopefully)!

Xianxian is this deck’s method to banish your own Datascape cards, as well as sending your opponent’s cards to the Banished zone. As long as Xianxian is summoned, it can and will constantly revive itself to solidify your boards.
Jiujiu serves as a simple board removal, but has an important quality of having a Datascape name, fit for your Datascape monsters to target, and for Zhuque to level up into.
Fengfeng is yet another piece of board (and graveyard) removal, but can spawn 2 more Datascapes from your deck upon its removal!
Longlong has a very unique effect which is basically negating handtraps with some difficulty. Otherwise, Gossip Shadow might fulfill a better generic role.
Jiajia is the least desirable one of the lot, with an impossible effect to activate. However, it is still a Datascape by name, which can pair with your hand Datascapes and Zhuque. Avoid running him if possible.


Calamity Turbo

This is undoubtedly the best way to play Datascape as of this article.
This deck will rely on summoning up to 2 Level 9 monsters (either through Synchro Summons or Zhuque’s level modifications) in order to summon a single True King of All Calamities. During the combo, you will tutor Zhuque to place along with your Calamities. When your opponent starts their turn, Calamities will immediately shut your opponent off! If they attempt to deny this with Infinite Impermance, you can simply chain Zhuque to destroy Calamities, which allows this deck’s Calamities to resolve more consistently then other decks!
Otherwise, you can always rely on the other cards in your Extra Deck to deal with the opposing board.

A good general guide (with combos) of this variant will be included here, courtesy of RAM.

Level 3 Support

As a welcome addition to the Level/Rank 3 toolbox and a hint of wind, here are some recommendations to consider with the deck.

External Monsters

Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
  • Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
    A fan favorite and an impressive monster. Trishula can easily demolish boards in an instant, but the nature of Datascape can also disrupt the opponent enough to not rely on Trishula. It is still a very strong consideration for all Lv3 decks!
  • Ultimaya Tzolkin
    This beast is able to spawn strong Draconic monsters every turn! Ranging from the interruption of Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon to a layer of protecting Stardust Spark Dragon, Tzolkin is a force to be reckoned with. However, the Extra Deck space is a huge consideration when this card is involved.
  • Geomathmech Final Sigma
    This card merely serves as an unaffected wall to opponents. Decks relying on control (such as Sky Striker or Altergeist) will struggle to clear Final Sigma, as you should also have Zhuque to delay their combos for clearing this card.
  • Totem Bird/The Phantom Knights of Break Sword
    You may choose to adopt any of these, as they are strong cards in their rights. In Datascape, the normal use for a Rank 3 would usually just be to summon Negalogia AA-Zeus, so choose your Rank 3 accordingly to your meta.
  • Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger/Negalogia AA-Zeus
    AA-Zeus is an extremely powerful addition to all XYZ decks, which can help clear annoying boards in a flash! Gaia Dragon will serve as an additional material to detach, or just help with piercing damage.

External Spell/Traps

  • Foolish Burial Goods/Metalfoes Fusion
    These are consistency cards aimed to profit from the use of Qinglong, and a replacement to the risky Pot of Desires. However, they do not especially synergize with the other cards in the deck, and could be easily replaced.
  • Skill Drain
    As the Datascapes do not activate any effects from hand, you may consider playing this in order to cripple your opponent’s progress in the game. However, the monsters you will summon from the Extra Deck might rely on their field effects, so this card should be considered properly.

Denying the Data

As the Datascape core is highly reliant on its Extra Deck for any noteworthy plays, you should pay close attention to what monster they aim to end on in order to produce the right form of interruption.
Artifact Lancea can easily deny several important effects from Datascape. Using Ash Blossom on the reveal of Ruirui/Linlin, Ghost Belle on the effect of Zhizhi/Laolao can easily deny them from generating too much advantage, as well as board presence.
A fast Forbidden Droplet with a Trap discarded can break through the Calamities/Zhuque setup.
Lastly, with enough luck, the Datascape user might not be able to extend past a properly timed Nibiru, the Primal Being, or Summon Limit.

My Conclusion

Even though the meta is ever changing and Summoning methods often outpace each other, putting Synchros and XYZs only in the Extra Deck feels extremely nostalgic for players of a certain era. Datascape is able to summon many impressive monsters and can probably withstand the tides of times.
If many auspicious mythological beasts gather in one place, then surely the player who picks this deck will have increased luck? I hope you will enjoy the blessings of this deck like I did!


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    October 8, 2020 at 12:05 am



    This is something I’ve been wanting to know about Datascape. Could Burning Abyss be ran with them because they are both level 3s. I’ve also found that Beatrice, Lady of the Eternal can be ran with this deck due to them wanting monsters to be in the GY.

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    November 25, 2020 at 5:55 pm



    they can as i’ve experimented with them

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    November 25, 2020 at 5:56 pm



    you can also use PK which i experimented with after

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