Debuting in Deck Build: Genesis Impact, these seemingly mischievous influencers have definitely taken the internet by storm, spawning an excessive amount of adorable artwork while players ponder the reason behind their creation. Is it to mirror the ongoing trend of the VTubers? Were they supposed to mimic the famous Phantom Thieves? or was it to pay homage to the notorious Delinquent Duo? Either way, they are here to stay! Tune in with me to see what can be done with these two! (oh, and don’t forget to SMASH that Like and Share button below!)

the original LIVE☆TWINs.


Okay, that GIF was a bad joke. As per their namesake, this archetype only consists of both twins, and a boss card depicting both on it. Because of this, the ☆Twins have an array of Spell/Traps to support their venture in both content creation and phishing.

Since its debut in the OCG, the ☆Twins have unfortunately been quite lackluster, with major flaws in the design of the archetype. Lets take a look on how both sides of the deck works, and why it’s so frustratingly bad.

The Kisikil☆ and Lilla Show

Live☆Twin Kisikil

The Live☆Twins seek each other out, while the EvilTwins will revive each other from the Grave. It sounds complicated, but having a single twin in hand usually brings both EvilTwins onto the board. I will start my example with Kisikil;

  • Summon Live☆Twin Kisikil, (or Live☆Twin Lilla) and activate her effect to summon the other twin.
  • Using these two, Link Summon either Evil★Twin Kisikil (or Evil★Twin Lilla).
  • Evil★Twin Kisikil/Lilla will use her effect to revive the Live☆Twin of the opposite name, which you will use to Link Summon her Evil★Twin counterpart.
  • The Evil★Twin counterpart (Lilla in this case) will revive her Evil★Twin sister from the GY, depending on the right timing.

    Kisikil will draw a card, or Lilla will destroy and disrupt the opponent!
Live☆Twin Lilla

Additionally, with extenders you could summon I:P Masquerena to supply an additional layer of interruption! Knightmare Unicorn will remove pesky threats with a co-linked card draw, while Unchained Abomination paired with Evil★Twin Lilla (summoned by Evil★Twin Kisikil) will destroy two cards in succession.

If you have not noticed at this point, I have not mentioned Evil★Twins Kisikil-Lilla, as they can only come in after both Evil★Twin Links have come out! Once you have access to Evil★Twins Kisikil-Lilla in the Graveyard, you can opt for your on-field Evil★Twin Links to summon this duo boss instead of the other Link.

Unfortunately, drawing one card, destroying one card, or shaving the opponent down to size STILL is not enough to disrupt the opponent. Hopefully the numerous Spell/Traps are enough to supplement this playstyle…?

The Kisikil☆ and Lilla Tools!

Live☆Twin Entrance
haii domo desuuu

The Live☆ Spells will help support summoning both Twins, while the Evil Traps will add extra disruption from the presence of either twin. Although the costs for these might involve releasing a Twin, your board should always have the other Twin to revive the fallen sister right back! This playstyle will eventually slow the opponent to a simplified game state, where they will be unable to deal with the Twins constant resurrections and advantage. Unfortunately, the Evil Traps are extremely dull and may not even dent the opponent.

After everything, let’s get right intooooo the decklists!


Two is Enough.

This is my take at a pure variant of the deck! The deck simply focuses on summoning both Twins, and then slowly generating more advantage then the opponent. Extenders such as Parallel Exceed are mandatory for the twins to tap into stronger Link Monsters through I:P Masquerena.

There are many YouTube Videos detailing the pure playstyle of this deck, so I will not go further into depth.

Unchained Twins

Unexpectedly, Evil★Twin Lilla can also destroy a card on YOUR side of the field. This unlocks synergy with the Unchained. You destroy an Unchained card on your side with Lilla, which spawns an Abominable Unchained Soul to destroy an opponent’s card AND fuel the Link Summoning of strong Unchained Link Monsters! The Unchained tribe does not necessarily rely on their normal summons as well, barely conflicting with the Twins’ playstyles.

You may also consider Artifacts with the same combo!

The Kisikil☆ and Lilla Rebuttal?!

Honestly this archetype is so fragile to the point where a single timely handtrap will disrupt an entire turn. However, dealing with an established Kisikil/Lilla loop is no laughing matter. You can consider ramping up on the usual handtrap/negations, and focus on stopping opposing twin effects early. Otherwise, it might spiral out of control.

Our Thoughts☆ and Conclusion!

Cute, but terrible. Adorable, yet unplayable. These spunky duo are an unfortunate addition to Konami’s worrying trend of bad attractive archetypes in Deck Build packs. I doubt any support will improve these two, yet we find ourselves yearning to make them viable.
For now, I myself will continue immersing myself within the antics of these perky pair!

(∩` ロ ´)⊃━☆☆☆ tune in next time!!★★★



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