Death Metalfoes (via hangoutwithTim) V0.1

Deck Information
Deck Type: Meta
Deck Master: Metalphosis Orihulk
Deck Version: 0.1
Latest Revision Date: 5th September 2016
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Kaiju-Stormforth Deck Structure


Credit to hangoutwithTim for Deck submission.

Focus on building up the Metalfoes consistency IMMEDIATELY. Maintain a relentlessly long combo.
Try to keep track Metalfoes Fusion, and use Ghost Ogre for crutch responses!

Potential Combos
Metalfoes Pendulum effects + Pendulum Summon Utilize Tribute Summons to put Metalfoes on top of the Extra Deck, only to be summoned again with PS
Swords of Concealing Light / Book of Moon and Orichalc can scoop phase pretty quick


Deck List
Monsters Metalphosis Volflame x3
Metalphosis Goldriver x3
Metalphosis Silvbird x3
Metalphosis Steeleren x3
Raremetalfoes Bismagia x2
Archfiend Eccentrick x3
Ghost Ogre and Snow Rabbit x3
Majespecter Unicorn – Kirin x1
Rescue Rabbit x1
Spells Unexpected Dai x1
Painful Decision x3
Instant Fusion x2
Metalphosis Fusion x2
Fullmetalfoes Fusion x1
Emergency Teleport x1
Swords of Concealing Light x1
Metamor Formation x2
Traps Metalphosis Counter x3
Metalphosis Combination x1
Solemn Warning x1
Extra Metalphosis Cardinal x2
Metalphosis Orihulk x2
Metalfoes Mythriel x3
Metalphosis Adamante x1
Panzer Dragon x1
Fullmetalfoes Alkahest x2
Shooting Quasar Dragon x1
Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon x1
Clear Wing Synchro Dragon x1
Black Rose Dragon x1
Side Blackwing – Gofu the Hazy Shadow x3
Denko Sekka x1
Krebons x1
Raremetalfoes Bismagia x1
Unexpected Dai x1
Metalphosis Fusion x1
Mystical Space Typhoon x1
Book of Moon x1
Twin Twisters x1
Metamor Formation x1
Wiretap x1
Full House x1
Anti-Spell Fragrance x1



Deck Revisions

  • V0.1
    • TBA.
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5 thoughts on “Death Metalfoes (via hangoutwithTim) V0.1

  • September 8, 2016 at 5:37 pm



    more metalfoes lol

  • October 9, 2016 at 10:05 am



    I think that it must be improved, maybe adding 1 focoult cannon (I hope I wrote it right)
    quite slow, or I still don’t understand how to play in :'(

  • October 28, 2016 at 8:48 am



    Can someone explain to me how Shooting Quasar Dragon is used?
    You certainly cannot summon it.

    Actually that also gives another point, how do you also summon crystal wing synchro dragon?

  • Avatar
    November 6, 2016 at 4:40 pm




  • November 14, 2016 at 10:08 pm



    Could you describe some more combos you can achieve with this deck?

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