Danger! Blue-Eyes YCS Düsseldorf – Top 64

Deck Information
Deck Type: Meta Decks
Deck Master: Blue-Eyes White Dragon
TCG/OCG: TCG (European)
Submission Date: March 2nd 2019
Author: YGOInsider
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Top 64 Blue-Eyes Danger Deck from YCS Düsseldorf 2019

Toggle Deck List
MonsterBlue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon x2
Blue-Eyes White Dragon x3
Danger! Ogopogo! x3
Danger! Thunderbird! x3
Danger! Bigfoot! x3
Danger! Nessie! x3
Danger!? Jackalope? x3
Chaos Dragon Levianeer x1
Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End x1
Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon x1
Destrudo the Lost Dragon's Frisson x1
Guardragon Garmides x1
Guardragon Promineses x1
Arkbrave Dragon x1
Amorphage Goliath x1
The White Stone of Legend x1
The White Stone of Ancients x1
Denko Sekka x3
SpellsThe Melody of Awakening Dragon x3
Return of the Dragon Lords x3
Monster Reborn x1
ExtraNumber 95: Galaxy-Eyes Dark Matter Dragon x2
Galaxy-Eyes Full Armor Photon Dragon x1
Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon x1
Number 107: Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon x1
Number 38: Hope Harbinger Dragon Titanic Galaxy x1
Number 90: Galaxy-Eyes Photon Lord x1
Borreload Dragon x1
Triple Burst Dragon x1
LANphorhynchus x1
Agarpain the Guardragon x1
Pisty the Guardragon x1
Elpy the Guardragon x1
Hot Red Dragon Archfiend Abyss x1
Black Rose Moonlight Dragon x1
SideGameciel, the Sea Turtle Kaiju x2
Dogoran, the Mad Flame Kaiju x2
Interrupted Kaiju Slumber x2
Twin Twisters x3
Evenly Matched x3
Mask of Restrict x2
Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend x1

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