Blackish wings (custom)

Deck Information
Deck Type: Non-Meta Decks
Deck Master: Blackwing Full Armor Master
Submission Date: March 28th 2021
Author: magma_rage2022
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in this deck ther are many seperate combos one of them is a starter combo where the opponent need to sstart the duel.
first you try to have sirocco or simoon on the hand and if you have black whirlwind on you card play it play more if you have a second one, the play simoon or sirooco and you activate the effects of the black whirlwinds. then you take auster if you used the effect of simoon and breeze too and if then activate breezes card effect to special summon her. after that if you used simoons effect you can normal summon auster and activate its trigger effect and the black whirwinds trigger effect.There you try to get oroshi ontop the hand if you dont already have him on the hand. then you try to summon Blackwing tamer with oroshi and simmon.Then when the synchro summon is a succes you can activate oroshis effect if you want to but the main point is to then use the tamers effect and summon simoon back to the fieldto use him and auster to summon Blackwing full armor masterso you have the base combo set up. After this you can decide how continue the combo.

Toggle Deck List
MonsterBlackwing - Simoon the Poison Wind x3
Blackwing - Sirocco the Dawn x1
Blackwing - Kris the Crack of Dawn x3
Blackwing - Bora the Spear x3
Raidraptor - Strangle Lanius x2
Blackwing - Zephyros the Elite x1
Blackwing - Auster the South Wind x3
Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind x3
Blackwing - Breeze the Zephyr x1
Blackwing - Harmattan the Dust x2
Blackwing - Oroshi the Squall x1
SpellsAllure of Darkness x3
Rank-Up-Magic Soul Shave Force x1
Triple Tactics Talent x1
Rank-Up-Magic Skip Force x2
The Phantom Knights' Rank-Up-Magic Launch x2
Phantom Knights' Rank-Up-Magic Force x2
Black Whirlwind x3
TrapsThe Phantom Knights of Shade Brigandine x1
Phantom Knights' Fog Blade x2
ExtraBlackwing Full Armor Master x2
Assault Blackwing - Raikiri the Rain Shower x1
Blackwing Tamer - Obsidian Hawk Joe x1
Blackwing Armor Master x1
Assault Blackwing - Sohaya the Rain Storm x1
Raidraptor - Ultimate Falcon x1
Raidraptor - Satellite Cannon Falcon x1
Raidraptor - Revolution Falcon - Air Raid x1
Raidraptor - Revolution Falcon x1
Arc Rebellion Xyz Dragon x1
Raider's Knight x1
Raidraptor - Force Strix x1
Raidraptor - Wise Strix x2
SideNibiru, the Primal Being x2
Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring x3
Droll & Lock Bird x2
Lightning Storm x3
Harpie's Feather Duster x1
Triple Tactics Talent x2
Imperial Order x1
Red Reboot x1
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