Archetype’s Missing Support Part 2

This article is part 2 to my other article “Archetype’s Missing Support“.

Konami has made many archetypes and series over the years. Some of them originated from the anime, while some are game-originals. However, many archetypes have cards that imply future support they’ve never received.

There are many reasons why this happens. Usually, it’s Konami’s way of future-proofing cards. Second, Konami abandoned the archetype earlier before it got all their waves of support. Finally, Konami changed the archetype’s direction. Like the first article, this article will look at several archetypes and identify the “missing support”. It will also propose theories on why Konami never made the missing support.

Monarch Support: Delg the Mega Monarch, Kuraz the Mega Monarch, Angmarl the Mega Monarch, Vassal/Squire forms for Delg, Kuraz and Angmarl; Ehther the Mega Monarch and Erebus the Mega Monarch

Konami gave all the original Monarch monsters a Vassal and Mega form. However, they deliberately avoided giving Delg and Kuraz a Mega and Vassal form. Konami could be saving the two monarchs for future release. However, it is likely that Konami only wanted to acknowledge the first Monarch monsters. Angmarl also didn’t receive a Mega or Vassal form, but that’s probably due to Angmarl being a manga exclusive Monarch card. Furthermore, Konami released Angmarl after the “Mega Monarch” support wave.

Ehther and Erebus are Level 8 Monarch monsters just like the Mega Monarchs. However, unlike the Mega Monarchs, they don’t have “Mega” in its name. This implies that the current Ehther and Erebus aren’t their Mega forms. Does that mean we will eventually get the Mega Form for Ehther and Erebus in the future? Who knows. However, Konami likely simply didn’t make mega forms for these two monsters to better signify that these two are gods within the Monarch archetype.

Kozmo Support: Kozmo Wizard or Kozmo based off of Emperor from Star Wars

Kozmo is a TCG-Exclusive archetype. Konami takes inspiration from both “The Wizard of Oz” and “Star Wars” for the archetype’s name and design. For example, Kozmo Farmgirl is a combination of Dorothy Gale (Wizard of Oz) and Luke Skywalker (Star Wars). Most of the Kozmo monsters cover The Wizard of Oz and Star Wars characters. However, we’re missing monsters based on the Wizard from “The Wizard of Oz” and the Emperor from “Star Wars”. We may never see these cards as Konami has a history of not supporting TCG-Exclusive archetypes after their four waves of support. Furthermore, I also doubt we will also see an emperor inspired Kozmo monster. This is because “The Wizard of Oz” lacked any villains besides the witches and Konami has already made both witches into Kozmo cards. 

Tellarknight Support: Tellarknight monsters based on the other 88 modern Constellations

A user has told me on Reddit that Konami based the Tellarknight on the 88 modern constellations. We’re not even close to that number. I highly doubt Konami ever planned for 88 Tellarknight monsters. However, maybe in the future if Konami ever wants to create more Tellarknight monsters, they will use the other constellations.

Flower Cardian Support: Flower Cardian Plum Blossom, Flower Cardian Wisteria, Flower Cardian Iris, Flower Cardian Chrysanthemum, Flower Cardian Sankō, Flower Cardian Shikō, Flower Cardian Tane, Flower Cardian Akatan, Flower Cardian Aotan, Flower Cardian Akatan, Aotan no Chōfuku, Flower Cardian Tanzaku and Flower Cardian Kasu

Flower Cardian is an archetype used by Chojiro from the Arc-V anime. Konami took inspiration from the Japanese Hanafuda cards and Koi-Koi game when making Flower Cardian. A Flower Cardian monster represents a specific Hanafuda card/suit, which also represents a month. We have monsters representing January, March, June, July, August, October, November and December. We are still missing cards that represent February, April, May, and September. Furthermore, Konami based the synchro monsters on Yaku combos from the Koi-Koi game. We are still missing at most seven synchro monsters. The thing about Flower Cardian is that their user, Chojiro, actually has a fair amount of screentime before the writers dropped him. Maybe he was planned to be a lancer, where he would’ve showcased more Flower Cardian monsters before they decided against it. 

Ritual Beast Support: Spiritual Beast Falco, Ritual Beast Tamer Pilica and Ritual Beast Ulti-Rampengu

The Ritual Beast archetype is the successor to the Gusto archetypes. This is evident where many of the monsters were Gusto monsters. A “Ritual Beast Tamer accompanies each “Spiritual Beast” monster. However, we are missing a Spiritual Beast version of Falco. We have its ulti form and its Tamer, but we’re missing its Spiritual Beast form. For Spiritual Beast Rampengu, we are missing both a pure Ritual Beast Tamer Pilica (standalone) and Rampengu‘s ulti form. It’s interesting because Konami gave Apelio two ulti forms. They also gave Wen two tamer forms (Wen / Zefrawendi). However, they didn’t bother giving an ulti form for Rampengu. Maybe when Ritual Beast gets their legacy supports, like how Shaddoll did this year, we would finally see the ulti form for Rampengu. 

The Agent Support: The Agent of _______ – Neptune, The Agent of _______ – Pluto and The Agent of _______ – Moon (maybe)

The Agent is a fairy archetype where their names took inspiration from the solar system. Each monster has a name or design that points to a specific planet or star (e.g. Master Hyperion represents the sun). The Agent monsters represent all the planets except Neptune and Pluto. We may or may not get Pluto since Pluto isn’t considered a major planet anymore. Seeing how we randomly got The Agent of Entropy – Uranus after years of inactivity, we might just randomly get Neptune and Pluto in the future. 

Tindangle Support: Tindangle Link Monsters

Tindangle is a Flip based archetype. The boss monster of this archetype is Tindangle Acute Cerberus. Tindangle Acute Cerberus is also the archetype’s only Link Monster. This is fine except support cards like Gergonne’s End and Tindangle Dholes hint the existence of more Link monsters. This could just be Konami future-proofing the two cards. However, it could also be NAS planned more support for Tindangle. Perhaps the link monsters may have debuted in Season 3 of Vrains before the season was abruptly cut short. 

Vendread Support: Revendread Union

Vendread is a zombie archetype that focuses on Ritual Summoning. Ironically, they saw better success as an Extra Link deck. Each Vendread’s Ritual Spell is named “Revendread” followed by a word (e.g. Evolution or Origin). The Ritual Spells also have a Trap Card counterpart that moves the prefix “Re-” from the first word to the second word (e.g. Vendread Revolution and Vendread Reorigin). Interestingly, both the trap cards have effects that make the Ritual Summoning easier. However, we also have a trap card called Vendread Reunion. Just like the other two trap cards, Vendread Reunion has an effect that eases Ritual Summoning. However, we don’t have a Ritual Spell counterpart for Vendread Reunion. Konami may have planned for a Ritual Spell counterpart for Vendread Reunion before deciding to let the trap acts as a secondary Ritual Spell instead.

Ninja Support: “Ninja” Insect-Type monster (possibly Green Dragon Ninja)

Ninja is an archetype that consists of Warrior-Type monsters. They have two Trap cards that allow the player to tribute a Ninja monster to Special Summon a Dragon, Sea Serpent, Dinosaur, Beast, Insect or Winged Beast monster from the Deck or hand. For a while, players substituted different monsters outside of the archetype to use the effect of Ninjitsu Art of Super-Transformation and Ninjitsu Art of Transformation. Then, over the years, Konami started releasing Ninja monsters of different types. We have Black Dragon Ninja for Beast-Type. Yellow Dragon Ninja for Dinosaur. White Dragon Ninja for Dragon. Blue Dragon Ninja for Sea Serpent. Red Dragon Ninja for Winged Beast. However, we are missing a Ninja monster for Insect-Type. Seems like Konami simply forgot to create an Insect-Type Ninja monster. 

Impcantation Support: A Level 2 & 8 Impcantation monsters

Impcantation is a Ritual Archetype that supports other Ritual Archetype. Impcantation monsters come in a pair. Each pair supports fetching a Ritual Monster or Spell from a specific location. Talismandra and Candoll search from the Deck. Penciplume and Bookstone recover from the Graveyard. We are currently missing a Level 8 and Level 2 pair that search for materials from the Banish Zone. Considering how many Ritual Spells banish themselves, Impcantation monsters that search from the Banish Zone would be helpful and round out the set of levels. 

Fire Fist

Missing Support: All 108 Fire Fist monsters

Konami named Fire Fist monsters after the heroes from the Water Margin story. However, we are nowhere close to that number. I highly doubt Konami planned to release all 108 Fire Fist monsters. However, we might see Konami adapting more Water Margin heroes when Fire Fist gets more support. Considering the popularity of the archetype, it’s very likely they will get more future support.



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