Archetype’s Missing Support

Konami has made many archetypes and series over the years. Some of them originated from the anime, while some are game-originals. However, many archetypes have cards that imply future support they’ve never received.

There are many reasons why this happens. Most of the time, it’s Konami’s way of future-proofing cards. Other times, it’s because they dropped the archetype early. This could be due to the clashing of product schedules or the unpopularity of the archetype. There are instances where they change the archetype’s direction. As a result, the support never came to fruition. This article will look at several archetypes and identify the “missing support”. It will also propose theories on why Konami never made the missing support.


Trap cardMissing Support: Nekroz Trap Cards

Nekroz of Clausolas has an effect that discards itself to add a “Nekroz” Spell/Trap from Deck to hand. Now we have many Nekroz Spell Cards that comes in the form of Ritual Spells (e.g. ‘Nekroz Cycle‘). However, there aren’t any Nekroz Trap Cards at all. This made Clausolas’ trap searching effect redundant. It is possible that Konami initially planned to make trap cards for Nekroz. However, they then decided not to when they realised how oppressive the deck was. It is also possible that they felt that Nekroz didn’t need any Traps to function and the wording is just to standardize effect text.

Fortune Lady

Where's Future?Missing Support: Fortune Lady Future or Fortune Lady Divine

Each Fortune Lady monster represents a specific attribute. Their name signifies the attribute it represents. For example, Fortune Lady Fire represents the Fire attribute. To this day, we are missing a Divine Attribute Fortune Lady monster. This is intentional since Konami reserves the Divine Attribute for the Divine-Beast Type.

The 2019 Fortune Lady supports gave us two new monsters, Fortune Lady Past and Fortune Lady Every. We have a monster that represents the “past” and “every time”. Yet, we don’t have a monster that represents the “future”. Many people claimed that “Fortune Lady Every” represents the future as in “forever”. This isn’t true because Fortune Lady Every’s localised name doesn’t drop the “y” like the other Fortune Lady monsters. Her TCG name isn’t “Ever’. It is still “Every”. It’s clear that Fortune Lady Every has always represented “every time”. Why didn’t we get a Fortune Lady Future? Who knows. Maybe they’re saving it for future support or perhaps they never intend to make one.


lvl 4 or lowerMissing Support: Level 3 or lower/Level 5 or higher Butterspy monsters and Two unknown Butterspy monsters

Butterspy is an archetype consisting of Level 4 Warrior monsters. Moonlit Papillon is a card that Special Summons a Butterspy monster from the Deck if it leaves the field. However, it specifies the player can only Special Summon a Level 4 or Lower Butterspy monster. This is redundant since all Butterspy monsters are Level 4. Furthermore, Moonlit Papillon was part of the first wave of support. This implies NAS/Konami planned to make different level Butterspy monsters. The reason for no continued support could be NAS/Konami losing interest in Butterspy. Therefore, they decided to just make Butterspy as a Rank 4 engine.who's the other 2?

Butterspy Protection‘s artwork shows five butterflies. Three of the butterflies represent Swallowtail Butterspy, Blue Mountain Butterspy, and Morpho Butterspy. However, there are also two unknown Butterspy monsters in the background. Will we ever get the two unknown Butterspy monsters? Did Konami place the two unknown Butterspies to make the art prettier? Who knows.


2 tributes...Missing Support: Level 7 or higher Machine-Type Chronomaly monsters

Chronomaly is an archetype that can go Rank 3 or 4. They also have a unique ability to go Rank 5 and 6. Chronomaly does this easily since most of its monsters can swarm the field or alter levels. Chronomaly Mayan Machine has an effect that treats itself as Two Tributes for a Machine-Type monster. This means players can use Mayan Machine as one Tribute for the summon of a Level 7 or higher monster. The only problem is that a Level 7 or higher Machine-Type Chronomaly monster doesn’t exist. Mayan Machine is part of Chronomaly’s first wave of support. This implies that Konami originally wanted Chronomaly to feature Level 7 Machine-Type monsters without the use of Rank-Up-Magic. This also means Chronomaly would’ve been able to go rank 7 or higher. NAS probably decided against it to differentiate it from Gimmick Puppets and Spheres in the Zexal anime.

The Weather

Missing Support: Red Painter and “The Weather” Normal Monsters.

The Weather” is an archetype that uses the “Canvas” Spell/Trap Card to gain additional effects. All the ‘Canvas’ cards state that it only grants more effects to “The Weather” Effect Monsters. We don’t have any “The Weather”normal monsters Normal Monsters so that line is kinda redundant. This implies Konami may have wanted to make some Normal Monsters for the archetype. Furthermore, Konami designed the monsters after rainbow colours. They included all the colours in the rainbow except for red.

Why didn’t Konami make Normal Monsters or Red Painter for the archetype? The problem is “The Weather” really only appeared in one pack before Konami abandoned it. Konami may have planned Red Painters and Normal Monsters for the second/third wave. Another theory is that Konami simply ran out of Attributes to represent Red Painter. Not wanting to repeat an attribute, they just didn’t bother making it.

Arcana Force

Missing Support: Arcana Force 0 – The Hermit, Arcana Force 11 – The Justice, Arcana Force 16 – The Tower, Arcana Force 17 – The Star, Arcana Force 19 – The Sun and Arcana Force 20 – The Judgement.

The Arcana Force is an archetype that relies on coin-flipping. Konami used the Major Arcana as inspiration for the monsters’ design and name. We are missing the following Major Arcana cards: 0 – The Hermit, 11 – Justice, 16 – The Tower, 17 – The Star, 19 – The Sun, and 20 – Judgement. Interestingly, there are voice lines hidden in Duel Links for these monsters. Does this mean we will get these Arcana Force monsters in the future? Maybe these cards will debut in a “Legend Duelist” Pack that features Satorius.

major arcana


Missing Support: MoreMarincess” Spell Cards

Marincess is an archetype that utilises trap cards. Strangely, they have a monster called Marincess Sea Angel. That monster searches “Marincess” spell cardSpell Cards. It would’ve been great, except we only have one “Marincess” Spell Card (‘Marincess Battle Ocean‘). This implies we would’ve gotten more spell cards for the archetype. NAS/Konami may have planned to import the other anime Spell Card when designing Sea Angel. This explains why it searches “Marincess” Spell Cards rather than just “Marincess Battle Ocean”. Furthermore, the sudden end of Yugioh Vrains might have caused the lack of spell card support. It’s obvious NAS had plans for Marincess before the show suddenly ended. This is evident in the Season 3 opening and ending prominently featured Aoi/Blue Maiden.


base formMissing Support: Aromaseraphy Cananga, Aromaseraphy Bergamot, Aromaseraphy Laurel and Aroma Angelica

Aroma is the first archetype that utilises LP gaining as its main gameplay. The archetype started as a typical one monster for each attribute archetype. However, things became complicated when several Aroma monsters started getting “Seraphy” forms. We are currently missing the “Seraphy” forms for Aromage Cananga, Aromage Bergamot and Aromage Laurel. Speaking of Seraphy forms, we have Aromaseraphy Angelica. Aromaseraphy Angelica is missing her base form. Considering how slowly Konami releases “Aroma” support, we may eventually get these cards.


Rank 4 when?Missing Support: Rank 4 Bounzer monsters

Bounzer is an archetype used by Gauche/Nistro in the Zexal Anime. The archetype focuses on summoning its Rank 6 Xyz monster. However, we also have a random Level 4 Blade Bounzer. Blade Bounzer does nothing to help pump out Level 6 monsters. I guess players can use it as tribute fodder for the summoning of Level 6 monsters. Konami/NAS may have planned Rank 4 Bounzer monsters for the archetype before it got replaced with the Heroic archetype. This is reflected on the show when Nistro suddenly changed his deck to use Rank 4’s.


Level 6Missing Support: More Level 3 Raidraptor and Rank 3 Raidraptor monster

Raidraptor has Raidraptor – Wild Vulture, a level 6 monster. The strange thing about Wild Vulture is its effects. Its effect involves tributing itself to Special Summon two Level 3 monsters. This card forces player to play Rank 3 monsters in a Rank 4 deck. This is fine since Rank-Up-Magic exists. The problem is Raidraptor – Skull Eagle is the only Level 3 target. The effects of Wild Vulture implies we were getting more Level 3 monsters. NAS probably did plan for more Level 3 or Rank 3 supports for Raidraptors. However, as Shun’s (Raidraptor user in the anime) screentime faded, Konami/NAS didn’t bother with the archetype. 

Heraldic Beast

Level 5Missing Support: Level 5 or Higher Heraldic Beast monsters

Heraldic Beast has Heraldic Beast Berners Falcon. Its effect changes all Level 5 or higher monsters you control to Level 4. The problem with this is all Heraldic Beast monsters are Level 4 already. So, ironically, this effect is useless in a pure Heraldic Beast deck. The effect implies we could eventually get Level 5 or higher monsters in the future. However, this will unlikely happen. Its anime effect actually also changes Xyz monsters to Level 4 which better supports the archetype. Konami just butchered the effects when transitioning the monsters to real-life by accident.


unknown OjamaMissing Support: Ojama Lime and 5 other Ojama monsters.

The card art of Ojama Country features the existence of other unknown Ojama monsters (e.g. Ojama Lime). However, to this day, Konami has yet to release the other Ojama monsters. Konami may have intentionally not made them since they are dead based on the lore (see Solidarity). Although, Konami has demonstrated in the past that they will ignore the lore to make more support. We might eventually see these monsters in the future.


Missing Support: Megalith Phul

Konami named the Megalith monsters after the Olympian spirits. There are seven Olympian spirits, yet we only have six. We have Aratron, Bethor, Phaleg, Och, Hagith, and Ophiel. We are missing a Megalith monster representing the Olympian spirit, Phul. Since Megalith is still getting support from Konami, we might get Megalith Phul in the third support wave.

Olympian Spirits

Note: As of 13th February 2020, Megalith has finally gotten Megalith Phul.


NitroMissing Support: “Nitro” Synchro Monsters

Nitro Synchron‘s effect triggers if it’s sent to the grave for the summoning of a “Nitro” Synchro Monster. However, there’s only one “Nitro” Synchro monster. The effect implied that there were going to be more “Nitro” Synchro monsters. It is possible that NAS was planning to make more Nitro synchro monsters like “Junk”. However, they probably decided to focus on “Synchron” as an archetype instead.

Battlin’ Boxer

Level 2Missing Support: Rank 2 Battlin’ Boxer

Battlin’ Boxer Big Bandage‘s level makes no sense for the archetype. It has a level altering effect to change its level to make Rank 3 or 4. However, I still don’t understand why it couldn’t have just been a Level 3 or 4 monster. It’s almost as if Konami/NAS was planning to make a Rank 2 for Battlin’ Boxer. However, it is more likely that it’s level 2 to make the anime duel more appealing.

Earthbound Immortal

Missing Support: Earthbound Immorta Red Nova, Earthbound Immortal Tree, Earthbound Immortal Pelican, Earthbound Immortal  Heron, Earthbound Immortal Hands and Earthbound Immortal Flower

Many Nazca lines still don’t have an Earthbound Immortal monster representation. Based on the lore, the existence of Red Nova Dragon signifies the existence of Earthbound Immortal Red Nova. However, we still haven’t gotten an Earthbound Immortal Red Nova yet. It is unlikely Konami will ever make more Earthbound Immortal monsters. However, they will likely eventually make Earthbound Immortal Red Nova for the Collector’s Pack.

Red Nova


Missing Support: Flamvell and Ally of Justice Mixed Support

Flamvell Magician‘s effect implies that we would get more support which will allow players to mix Ally of Justice and Flamvell. However, that was the extent of the link between the two archetypes. We never got any more support combining the two archetypes. Based on the Duel Terminal lore, it is likely that Konami planned to create more support. However, due to the inconsistency of the two archetypes, they probably decided not to further complicate the situation.


Lvl 1Missing Support: Rank 3 Gorgonic Monster

Gorgonic Ghoul is a Level 1 monster. In an archetype where the boss monster is a Rank 3, this makes no sense. You can use it in conjunction with Gorgonic Cerberus to turn it into Level 3, but this is slow and inconsistent. Ghoul’s effect doesn’t even work with the rest of the Level 3 “Gorgonic” monsters. It only Special Summons itself if you control another Level 1 Ghoul. This seems to imply that Konami planned a Rank 1 monster for Gorgonic. However, NAS probably made Ghoul into Level 1 merely for the ‘cool factor’ in the anime.


Missing Support: Elemental Hero Neo Avian, Elemental Hero Neo Burstinatrix, Elemental Hero Neo Sparkman and Elemental Hero Neo Clayman

Elemental Hero Neo Bubbleman hinted the existence of a “Neo” versions of all the OG Elemental Heroes. However, to this day, we still haven’t gotten any other “Neo” upgraded form. NAS/Konami probably planned other Neo forms. However, they had to abandon that plan when Metamorphosis became a problem and was banned as a result.


Rank 4 or lower.Missing Support: Rank 3 Madolche Monsters

Players can rank up Madolche Puddingcess Chocolat-a-la-Mode with a Rank 4 or lower Madolche Xyz monster. However, all Madolche Xyz Monsters are Rank 4 or higher. Does this mean we will eventually get Rank 3 support for Madolche? It’s interesting because there are many Level 3 Madeolche monsters. Konami most likely added the Rank 4 or lower clause to future proof the card in case they make a Rank 3 Madolche monster in the future.


lvl 4 or higherMissing Support: Level 5 or higher Morphtronic monsters.

All Morphtronic monsters are Level 4 or lower. The Spell Card Junk Box states explicitly that the player can only Special Summon a Level 4 or lower Morphtronic. The effect acts as if Konami planned to make Level 5 or higher monsters for Morphtronics. Konami probably focused on lower Levels due to easier synchro summoning. Despite this, since Morphtronic is used by a major character in the 5D anime, we may eventually see Level 5 or higher Morphtronic monster in something like a Legendary Duelist pack.


Trap CardMissing Support: Cyberdark Trap card

The effect of Cyberdark Claw implies we will get a Cyberdark Trap card in the future. Konami may have possibly added that line there to futureproof the card. However, it’ll likely be a long time before we will get any more Cyberdark support. This is considering how Konami tends to acknowledge Cyber Dragon much more than Cyberdark.


TrapMissing Support: Crystron Spell Card and Crystron Synchro form for Prasiortle

A few Crystron monsters (e.g. Smiger) have an effect that searches Crystron Spell Cards. However, the problem is that we don’t have any Crystron Spell Card. They have a field spell, but that’s unsearchable with Smiger’s effect since it’s not a “Crystron” card. It’s likely Konami added the “Spell” Claus to futureproof the card. Considering what they did to their Field Spell (Crystolic Potential), it’s clear Konami didn’t want any direct spell support.
Furthermore, we have a Synchro upgrade of all the base Crystron monsters, except for Crystron Prasiortle. We might eventually get it in a legacy pack that provides support to older archetypes.


Spell CardMissing Support: Volcanic Spell and Trap Card (possibly Volcanic Wall)

Volcanic is an archetype debuted in GX. The archetype focuses on dealing with effect damage. After GX, it didn’t get much support until the Arc-V era where Konami made Blaze Accelerator Reload. Blaze Accelerator Reload has an effect that allows you to search for a “Volcanic” card. The thing is, we don’t have any Volcanic Trap or Spell (except Volcanic Recharge). The effect implied we would’ve gotten some more spell and trap support. We may have possibly gotten the spell and trap support from the anime.


Missing Support: Evolved Forms for Air Hummingbird, Dark Panther, Flare Scarab and Grand Mole

The spell card NEX can only be used on Aqua Dophin and Glow Moss. That’s because we don’t have an extra deck version for the rest of the base Neo-Spacian monsters. The card art clearly hints the existence of the other Neo-Spacians’ evolved forms. Konami possibly abandoned the NEX mechanic for the more successful “Mask Change” and Synchro mechanic.

abandoned mechanic


TunerMissing Support: Infernoid Synchro monster

Infernoid Decatron is a Tuner monster, yet we don’t have an Infernoid Synchro monster. Konami likely originally wanted Infernoid to be an archetype that can tap into any extra deck. They then realised Infernoid is fine without the Extra Deck support. However, it is also possible that Konami adds a Tuner clause to the card due to flavouring. This is consistent with most of the Archetypes released during this era (Shaddoll has Shaddoll Falco despite being a fusion deck).


TunerMissing Support: Shaddoll Synchro

Just like Infernoid, Shaddoll has Shaddoll Falco. Shaddoll Falco is a Tuner monster in a fusion deck. The Tuner status implies that Konami planned synchro monsters for Shaddoll. They then abandoned it quite early on. However, like Infernoid, it’s also possible it is a Tuner due to flavouring. Several monsters during Arc-V era are Tuners despite having no access to synchros. However, it could also be a Tuner due to lore reasons. Shaddoll Falco is the corrupted form of the Tuner monster, Gusto Falco.


Hockey playerMissing Support: U.A. Hockey Players

U.A. Penalty Box‘s artwork shows the existence of an unknown monster. The unnamed monster is a Hockey Player. It’s possible that the TCG team planned for a U.A. monster based on Hockey, but ran out of support space. This is evident as Penalty Box was released in U.A.’s last support wave. It is possible that the TCG Team just used Hockey to reference the card’s name.

One-Shot Archetype

ShinobirdsMissing Support: More support for Shinobirds, Triamid and Phantasm Spiral.

We are missing one wave of support for One-Shot archetypes like Shinonird, Triamid, and Phantasm Spiral. This is due to many one-shot archetypes that preceded them getting at least two waves of support (e.g. Digital Bugs and Graydle). These three archetypes likely got the shaft as they were released near the end of the Arc-V era so that Konami could rush out Links.


2 tributesMissing Support: Level 7 or higher Wind Monster

Wind Effigy counts as two tributes for the summon of a Level 7 or higher Normal Wind monster. The problem is we don’t actually have any Level 7 or higher normal Wind monsters. Simorgh, Bird of Ancestry is the only monster that can be used with Wind Effigy. However, this is only because Simorgh treats itself as a Normal monster while it is in hand. The effect of Wind Effigy implied we were going to get higher levels Normal Wind monsters.


trapMissing Support: Deskbot Trap

Deskbot 002‘s effect implies the existence of a Deskbot trap card. Konami likely planned trap support for the archetype, before scrapping it for an unknown reason. They can, however, have added the Trap clause to futureproof the archetype in case they make a Trap card for them.


Missing Support: Fire Dragon

This case is a bit different. No cards or art implies the existence of Fire Dragon. However, anime opening featured it. The appearance suggested the existence of Fire Dragon. NAS has obviously created Fire Dragon but scrapped it due to unknown reasons. NAS likely discarded Fire Dragon as they had no idea what to do with Bastion’s character. As a result, he never showed his other attribute decks.

Fire Dragon


Missing Support: Frightfur Sabre Wolf,  Frightfur Sabre Kraken, Frightfur Sabre Sheep, Frightfur Sabre Bear and Frightfur Sabre Leo

The existence of Des-Toy Sabre Tiger (Frightfur Sabre) implies the existence of other Sabre forms. If Sora had more screentime in the anime, we could have possibly gotten Sabre Wolf, Sabre Kraken, Sabre Sheep, Sabre Bear and Sabre Leo. Also, during one episode of the Arc-V, Sora hinted at the existence of an unknown Frightfur Boss monster. He lamented the fact that he might not have the power to summon it. Will we ever get the unknown Frightfur boss monster like how we eventually got Cosmic Blazar Dragon? Who knows.


Six Samurai/Shien

Normal MonstersMissing Support: Shien Normal Monsters

Shien’s Dojo‘s effect can only Special Summon “Six Samurai” or “Shien” Effect monsters. However, we don’t have any Shien normal monsters. The card implies a Shien normal monster exists. Although, Konami likely added this Claus to save text space since there is a Six Samurai normal monster.



YGOPRODeck Writer

6 thoughts on “Archetype’s Missing Support

  • Avatar
    February 27, 2020 at 1:49 am



    Nice analysis and I agree with most of what you have said, however I wanted to give my opinion on some of these Archetypes.

    Frightful Sabre has Sabre in its name because the card is a Sabre-Tooth Tiger and it doesn’t necessarily mean that there will be a Frigthfur Sabre series.

    Infernoid/ Shaddoll : I don’t think they planned on giving infernoid and shaddol new synchro monsters but rather added the tuners to make them usable with generic synchro monsters. (The decision to retrain Falco was intentional as they can decide from a range of monsters before they make the archetype or storyline).

    Volcanic – searching for a Volcanic card doesn’t necessarily mean we will get more Volcanic spell/trap support because, as you mentioned there already is a Volcanic trap (Volcanic Recharge) they probably just used that wording because it is standard (it is weird/unusual writing add 1 Volcanic monster/trap to your hand, usually it’s either just monster or spell/trap)

    Cyberdark – It is standard writing Spell/Trap.

    Hero – Not sure that they planned on upgrading all the Normal E hero monsters to their Neo forms either.

    Earthbound Immortals – In the 5ds Storyline, Earthbound Immortal Red Nova was sealed into Red Dragon Archfiend, thus evolving into Red Nova Dragon – usually they create cards that follow the storyline and appeared in the anime, and since Earthbound Immortal Red Nova was retrained into Red Nova Dragon I don’t think they will create it or the other Nazca Line cards. However they may create the Earthbound Servant cards ( which are not directly linked to Earthbound Immortals).

    RaidRaptor – I don’t think that they planned to make more support for Rank/Level 3 Raidraptors as they already have Skull Eagle, and you can just summon 2 copies of it with Wild Vulture. They made a Rank 3 because it was featured in the anime and so that there is a Raidraptor Xyz monster for almost every rank.

    Bounzer – Also, I don’t think they were planning on making Bounzer Rank 4 support.

    Marincess – Marincess may get more spell support as it is a fairly new archetype but I think they said 1 ‘spell’ card instead of specifically mentioning the field spell to save text space and make it standard.

    Having said all of this you may be right about some of these archetypes getting support in future. Overall there are a lot of Archetypes that don’t receive enough support and it’s difficult for Konami to keep new players entering the game as well as keeping older gen players interested. It will probably take a while before a lot of the archetypes can be addressed ( with new support).

    ~ Thanks

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    March 6, 2020 at 10:18 am



    As a raidraptor player, i think if there are rank 9 or rank 11 monster, may be :? some negations with that so that we will get all of rank raidraptor monster. That’s more important than some kinds of rank 3 monsters that nobody use. Still hope…

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    March 6, 2020 at 11:26 am



    One of the many needs that can never be quenched, archetype support.

  • April 29, 2020 at 10:15 pm



    great article, great read, thank you

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    October 18, 2021 at 8:44 pm



    i need more performapal/odd-eyes archetype support cards

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