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  • Deckbuilder is not working (2 minutes ago): aight, ill check edge then (also shoutout to firefox GANG)  
  • Elemental Energy Error (3 days ago): Hi,   As I was flipping through pack simulator packs, as one does, I noticed I had pulled a Rare Water Dragon from Elemental Energy on the pack sim. which is not a rarity Water D
  • OCG Darkwing Blast (5 days ago): I noticed in the OCG Pack Listing that Darkwing Blast doesn't have a date assigned and thus isn't showing up chronologically despite Photon Hypernova already appearing. Anyway this will be updated?
  • Missing cards in SDDE (1 week ago): A few cards from The Dark Emperor Structure Deck seem to be missing in the Card Collection Database, namely: SDDE-EN005 (Helios - The Primordial Sun), SDDE-EN015 (D.D.M. - Different Dimension Maste
  • OTS 19 and Hidden Arsenal: Chapter 1 not on pack opener (1 week ago): I was going through the list of sets available for my chaos draft tournament when I noticed two TCG sets that haven't yet been added to the pack opener, those being OTS Tournament Pack 19 and the H
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