Yusei Fudo Ultimate Anime Inspired Character Theme Deck

Deck Information
Deck Type: Anime Decks
Deck Master: Cosmic Blazar Dragon
Submission Date: September 30th 2020
Last Updated: October 18th 2020
Author: meecho96
YGOPRODeck File Download

This is my Ultimate Yusei Fudo Updated Character Inspired Anime Themed Deck mixing Yusei's anime Deck with all of his new support cards from various character based yugioh sets. I made this deck based around the character NOT the archetype. My anime themed character decks ARE NOT meant for OFFICIAL YUGIOH TOURNAMENTS, FUN PLAY ONLY. Anybody can copy my deck but please dont claim ownership of my(Demetrius Shuler's) creation. People have done that to me in the past and I hated it. This is a clip of Yusei Fudo summoning Shooting Quasar Dragon !!!



Toggle Deck List
MonsterJunk Synchron x1
Speed Warrior x1
Sonic Chick x1
Quillbolt Hedgehog x1
Unknown Synchron x1
Synchron Explorer x1
Nitro Synchron x1
Hyper Synchron x1
Quickdraw Synchron x1
Steam Synchron x1
Jet Synchron x1
Synchron Carrier x1
Satellite Synchron x1
Junk Converter x1
Tuningware x1
Level Eater x1
Rush Warrior x1
Debris Dragon x1
Majestic Dragon x1
Shield Wing x1
Effect Veiler x1
Clear Effector x1
Boost Warrior x1
Swift Scarecrow x1
Fortress Warrior x1
SpellsTuning x1
One for One x1
Double Summon x1
Synchro Blast Wave x1
Scrap Fist x1
Cosmic Flare x1
Synchro Chase x1
Limit Overdrive x1
TrapsMiracle's Wake x1
Shooting Star x1
Stardust Re-Spark x1
Reinforce Truth x1
Synchro Deflector x1
Scrap-Iron Scarecrow x1
Graceful Revival x1
ExtraStardust Dragon x1
Shooting Star Dragon x1
Majestic Star Dragon x1
Shooting Quasar Dragon x1
Cosmic Blazar Dragon x1
Stardust Warrior x1
Stardust Charge Warrior x1
Junk Warrior x1
Junk Speeder x1
Signal Warrior x1
Nitro Warrior x1
Armory Arm x1
Formula Synchron x1
Accel Synchron x1
Satellite Warrior x1
SideStardust Dragon/Assault Mode x1
Doppelwarrior x1
Clashing Souls x1
Starlight Junktion x1
Defense Draw x1
Assault Mode Activate x1
Stardust Flash x1
Scramble Egg x1
Scrubbed Raid x1
Shadow Impulse x1
Starlight Road x1
Spirit Force x1
Stardust Wish x1
Shooting Star Dragon T.G. - Expansion x1
Junk Destroyer x1
Id#created by Jack Atlas/support x1


My name is Demetrius Shuler, I'm 23 years old and i've been a long time yugioh Anime Fan, i love yugioh the anime and i create Yugioh Anime Character decks for the fun & Nostalgic moments just like in the show. I do not play yugioh competitively only for Anime Purposes. My favorite Characters are Jaden, Yugi & Atem, and Kite Tenjo from yugioh zexal. I also have my own yugioh you-tube channel where i put my character decks online. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw2M3Js7O9pX-YmWtZU0J7A?view_as=subscriber

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