Yu-Gi-Oh FTK Lunalight Infinite Loop Red-Eyes Flare Metal

Deck Information
Deck Type: Meta Decks
Deck Master: Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon
Submission Date: March 19th 2020
Author: Lucia
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MonsterLunalight Kaleido Chick x3
Lunalight Tiger x3
Blackwing - Kris the Crack of Dawn x1
Blackwing - Bora the Spear x1
Blackwing - Zephyros the Elite x1
White Rose Dragon x1
Lunalight Yellow Marten x3
Raidraptor - Singing Lanius x1
Red Rose Dragon x1
The Phantom Knights of Silent Boots x2
Dragunity Phalanx x1
Jet Synchron x2
SpellsCalled by the Grave x3
Shien's Spy x1
Rank-Up-Magic Soul Shave Force x1
Foolish Burial Goods x3
Luna Light Perfume x3
The Phantom Knights' Rank-Up-Magic Launch x1
Prohibition x3
Fire Formation - Tenki x3
Dragunity Divine Lance x1
TrapsLunalight Serenade Dance x1
ExtraBeelze of the Diabolic Dragons x1
Accel Synchron x1
Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon x1
Beatrice, Lady of the Eternal x1
Primathmech Alembertian x1
Raidraptor - Force Strix x3
Agave Dragon x1
Crystron Halqifibrax x1
Raidraptor - Wise Strix x2
Dragunity Knight - Romulus x1
Reprodocus x1
Linkross x1
Id#created by ygomobile x1

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