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Whenever you look at different cards, do you ever notice a monster that seems to be appearing all the time? In the artworks of Mistake, Shared Ride, Mistaken Arrest, and Mistaken Accusation, you can see Sangan on all of those cards. This is not laziness on the part of the Konami design team; in fact, this is part of something called LORE.

Lore, simply put, is a story that helps tie different cards together in a way that makes sense. Whether you’re talking about poor Sangan being put into jail or Gagagigo becoming evil and then being reborn, there is no end to the sheer amount of card lore. There are two ways of finding a story connecting cards. One way is by reading the flavor text on Normal Monsters related to the archetype. However, this method doesn’t always work because not every archetype has Normal monsters. As such, the most effective way of finding the story is by looking at card art.

It is still important to realize, however, that the card art is not always indicative of the direction of the story.

The set Code of the Duelist (COTD) introduced us to the World Legacy story. It encompasses 6 archetypes, showing how each one takes part in building the story. In this article, I will be talking about the World Legacy lore, and how it evolved over time.

NOTE: Everything in this article has only been found out through deductive reasoning and by interpreting the card art through the set releases. Different people might have a different interpretation of how the story goes. This is only one way to connect the cards together. Until Konami releases another Master Guide, we cannot say for certain that this story is true.

COTD: The Beginning of the Beginning

This set introduces us to the World Chalice tribe. They consist of Ib (Crowned by the World Chalice), the dragon guardian Imduk (World Chalice Guardragon), Ib’s brother Ningirsu (Beckoned by the World Chalice), and Ib’s friend, Auram (Chosen by the World Chalice). The flavor text of these monsters gives more context to the world they are living in. They live in a post-apocalyptic world ruled over by the Mekk-Knights and the Mekkstrosities.

Through Auram’s text, we know that Lee the World Chalice Fairy approaches them, and tells them of seven treasures scattered around the world. If they were to gather all seven together, they would be able to save the world. With nothing to really lose, the World Chalice group begin their quest to save the world.

After traveling for a while, they find the first World Legacy: the World Chalice (World Legacy Discovery). With Lee’s help, the group is able to take the power of the Chalice and transform themselves (World Legacy’s Heart). They become Ib the World Chalice Priestess, Ningirsu the World Chalice Warrior, Imduk the World Chalice Dragon, and Auram the World Chalice Blademaster. With their newfound power, they set off to find the rest of the World Legacies (World Legacy Landmark).


Circuit Break and Extreme Force: The Story Continues

They soon come across the second World Legacy, the World Armor, but it is overrun by Krawlers and larger X – Krawlers (World Legacy in Shadow). They enter the Battle Phase with the Krawlers, while in the distance rainbow lights shoot up into the sky (World Legacy Pawns). As they fight their way towards these lights, Ib is captured by a trap and pulled towards them (World Legacy Trap Globe).

Ib is in the custody of the Mekk-Knights, captured by Blue Sky, Green Horizon, and Red Moon (World Legacy Key). Soon, Ningirsu, Auram, Imduk, and Lee arrive at their location, the World Legacy – World Shield (World Legacy Scars). When they try to get to Ib, they are met by the Seven Mekk-Knights: Indigo Eclipse, Orange Sunset, Yellow StarPurple Nightfall, Green Horizon, Red Moon, and Blue Sky. Together, they become Mekk-Knight Spectrum Supreme and battle against the three.

While the fight keeps Ningirsu, Auram, and Imduk distracted, Lee goes off on her own to find Ib (World Legacy Whispers). Upon finding her, Lee shows her true dark side, and uses the World Chalice to corrupt Ib (World Legacy’s Secret). Due to this, Auram, Imduk, and Ningirsu lose their powers from the World Chalice.


A FLOD of Enemies (and tears)

With this, Ib and Lee have fused into one, become Knightmare Corruptor Iblee. Together, they steal the jewels of the Mekk-Knights and corrupt them into the Knightmares (World Legacy’s Corruption). The Mekk-Knights turn into Knightmare Mermaid, Cerberus, Unicorn, Gryphon, Goblin, and Phoenix, respectively. Before Blue Sky was able to be captured, he entrusts his jewel to Auram (World Legacy Succession), who turns into Mekk-Knight Avram. He and Imduk run off to fight Iblee, leaving Ningirsu to fend off against the six Knightmares (World Legacy’s Nightmare).

Unfortunately, Avram is unable to fight against Iblee’s might, and falls to her. She approaches his fallen body, and picks up his sword, meaning to finish him off. Before she is able to do so, a glowing Imduk appears between her and Avram, and seems to resonate with Ib’s soul (World Legacy Awakens). In an internal struggle between Ib and Iblee, she sacrifices herself with Avram’s sword and destroys Iblee (World Legacy Struggle). Both Avram and Ningirsu stand in shock, mourning the loss of their loved one (World Legacy’s Sorrow).

With this catastrophe, the World Chalice group splits apart, going their separate ways. Avram and Imduk leave together in the distance, leaving Ningirsu behind to mourn his sister’s death.

With this, the first arc of the World Legacy story ends. From here on out, things start to get a little weird and complex. I will do my best to explain what happens.

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