World Legacy – Final Lore?


Now that enough sets have passed, I feel that it is a good time to come back to the World Legacy lore. In the past two sets from DANE (including cards that were released or announced in the OCG), we have seemed to reach the end of the adventures of Ib, Avram, and Ningirsu.

We last left off with Longirsu (as Dingirsu, the Orcust of the Evening Star) defeating Knightmare Incarnation Idlee with the World lance (Orcust Crescendo). After her defeat, Guardragon Justicia reincarnates the spirit of Ib as Ib, the World Chalice Justiciar (Guardragon Reincarnation). However, when things seem to calm down, the World Gears of Theurlogical Demiurgy explodes from the ground and begins to destroy the world that they live on (World Legacy Collapse).

Avram asks his friends for help, and together, they combine their powers to turn him into Mekk-Knight Crusadia Avramax (Crusadia Testament). With his newfound powers, he leaps up to face his destiny in the World Gears (World Legacy Cliffhanger).

The Rising Rampage of the World Gears

Avramax boards the World Gears to try and shut it down, stopping the destruction of his world. What he finds inside is Lee, who seems to be holding onto a bundle (World Legacy Bestowal). She is in her scientist form from World Legacy’s Memory.

Avram explains to her that the machine is destroying the world, and he has come to try and stop it. In order to do so, they must meld together to create Avida, Rebuilder of Worlds.

The card effect of Bestowal can help us figure out this part of the lore. Lee is given a choice: send him away , or get rid of the seven World Legacies and combine with him. She seems to show remorse for what she has done, and chooses the latter option.

The Chaos Impact of her Decision

With the seven World Legacies discarded, Avida is able to appear. It seems to be holding Avramax’s sword in one hand. Using it, Avida reverses all of the damage that was wrought by the World Gears (World Reassembly). With its job done, Avida rises into the heavens, and disappears, leaving behind its sword (World Legacy – World Key).

Back down on the planet, Ib and Imduk are left wondering what came of Avramax. As if a signal from above, a beam of light shines down to Ib, and she is bestowed with the sword (The World Legacy).

Based on the name of this card, we can infer that it has the powers of all other World Legacies. We can also guess that Avram, as his final wish, has tasked Ib with protecting the new world.

What is interesting about this card is that we do not see either the Crusadia group or Ningirsu. Thus, it seems that only Ib was meant to receive this gift from above. We cannot say that the others are dead due to the madness of the World Gears, because future card releases prove it otherwise.

Cards Released after CHIM

Konami released Lib the World Keymaster in Link VRAINS Pack 3. This Link monster has link arrows reminiscent of Ib’s previous incarnations as a Link monster. She wields the World Key and is wearing Ningirsu’s and Avram’s scarves. Based on the background of the art, it seems that she is traveling the world. As to what she may be doing, it can be anybody’s guess. She is likely acting as a sort of mercenary with the World Key, protecting the rebuild world from any new danger that might arise.

In Eternity Code, Konami released a new “Orcust” card: Mekk-Knight Orcust Girsu. This card seems to be Dingirsu, off of his robotic horse, with Ib’s hair ribbon tied around an arm. A beam of light seems to be shining down on him, and a small version of Lee it at his shoulder. It seems that Lee was purified, and is accompanying Ningirsu in his travels. We can infer that he is also traveling without Ib because he has her hair ribbon. He might also be acting as a mercenary, similar to Ib.

I do not know for sure what order these cards are supposed to go in, because they were released at different times.


We have finally reached what seems to be the end of the World Legacy story. ETCO was the last set of the OCG’s 10th series of booster packs. This suggests that Girsu might be the last support related to the “World Legacy” story, but we cannot be sure.

However, there are still a few things that are a bit unclear. What happened to the rest of the Crusadia crew? Where did Avram or Imduk go? I will assume that Imduk is traveling with Ib, because he is also present in the art of The World Legacy. The Crusadia crew probably went on their own ways.

There can be two explanations as to the whereabouts of Avram. Assuming that no more support will appear, he sacrificed his life to save the world, and his spirit is inside the World Key. If what happened to Lee also applies to Avram, he might come back to Ib in some future card release.

For now, all we can do is speculate, and wait for future card releases. Until then, thank you for listening to my telling of the World Legacy Lore.



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